Wednesday July 11, 2007

Opium Garden decided to make a federal case out of its right to blast loud music all night (something about having their right to due process under the 4th amendment violated, if you must know), and well, it got knocked down by the 11th Circuit Court.

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  1. Gus    Wed Jul 11, 01:33 PM #  

    You got to fight for your right to paaaaarty!

  2. j-j    Thu Jul 12, 07:49 AM #  

    nobody listens to techno :-)

  3. I'm not gay, I'm s-e-n-s-i-t-i-v-e    Thu Jul 12, 06:35 PM #  

    And only ghetto wannabe ugly losers listen to reggaeton, and Opium is extremely ghetto, so maybe that’s the type of music they’re playing?