Thursday July 5, 2007

South Beach Community Hospital

South Beach Community Hospital, photographed last week.

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  1. NicFitKid    Thu Jul 5, 11:39 AM #  

    So now that they’re bankrupt, what’s up with that building? Are they renovating or tearing down? County property records say the parcel is owned by South Beach Heights I, LLC (sounds like a condo name). Florida Division of Corporations has SBH Management Company, LLC (2930 Biscayne) as the registered agent. It’s all Greek to me, but someone around here might know.

    Just curious.

  2. HJ    Thu Jul 5, 06:21 PM #  

    High end geriatric housing

  3. latinbombshell    Thu Jul 5, 08:10 PM #  

    NKF appears! Yay!

    I once went there for an abdominal ultrasound and left as soon as I walked in — totally creeped me out. Federation Towers next door is the geriatric housing.

  4. alesh    Thu Jul 5, 08:24 PM #  

    This side is the worst, but it has broken windows all around. It’s been getting rained on every day for weeks, exposed to the elements for almost a year. I can’t imagine any use at this point that doesn’t involve demolition and starting over. The building boom has cooled off a bit, but this is pretty prime land (despite not being waterfront) so I’m sure something will happen in the next year.