Thursday July 5, 2007

State Representative Marco Rubio explains the state tax cuts.

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  1. Reina Rios    Tue Jul 10, 03:12 AM #  

    Your property tax reform plan caused me to lose my job today, July 9, 2007.
    I have been working for Hillsborough Area Regional Transit, Tampa, since 1986.
    The transit company ran off of the property tax, so your reform has caused not only me, but a lot of other people to lose their jobs. I would have rather paid high property taxes then to lose my job, because now I don’t have a job to pay for my house. Next, I will either lose my house or of course try to sell it, but do you really think you did the right thing! What was the savings on cutting property taxes? Is it worth cutting the peoples jobs?
    Your tax reform was a bad idea! Just remember, I am a wife, mother, someone’s daughter, sister and now unemployed. The property taxes may be lower in the near future, but unemployment is going to sky rock it!!!!
    This should happen to some one you love, you have cause great devastation in my home. I will soon have to tell my 10 year old daughter that we have to move and she can’t grow-up with the only friends she knows.

    Thanks for nothing!

    Stop the devastation! Your reality of having a home some day for some is a nightmare for others like me and my family.

    If you were in my shoes, wouldn’t you be angry too! Now, where in the hell am I going to get a job in Florida that starts at $17.83 per hour after working loyally for this company that employed people do to there property taxes? Tell me? Where can I get a job! Oh, one more thing
    I am middle aged 45 soon to be 46.I wasn’t
    smart enough to go to college nor had the
    money to go study. Now, you need to find a
    way to put money back into jobs like mine.
    Public transportation.

    Reina Rios
    Tampa, Florida

  2. :)    Tue Jul 10, 12:42 PM #  

    what did you do at your job?