Tuesday July 3, 2007

A pie-in-the-sky wishlist for Miami-Dade Transit. Hey, where’s the Metrorail East-West line?

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  1. TJL    Tue Jul 3, 09:40 AM #  

    The last place to expand the Metro-rail to is S. Beach. Frankly, there is no NO traffic problem to the beach, and most tourists take a cab anyway knowing they are going to pay $20-$30 a day to park at the hotels. I live on S. Beach too, and there is NO traffic problem – discounting Alton Rd. The Alton Rd mess only has to be dealt with those that choose to live West of Lennox – the rest of us go around the easy way.

    Metro-rail, if its going to be expanded, should be expanded from PAC to the Dolphin Mall or Kendall area. Have you driven the 836 at rush hour? The western part of Miami is the one that has insufficient infrastructure to cope with the booming population, so that is where the rail should go.

  2. :)    Tue Jul 3, 05:13 PM #  

    That exactly why there should be a metro to the beach! so people who live in the downtown area don’t have to drive to the beach. So we don’t have to park and can just walk around.

  3. alesh    Tue Jul 3, 07:26 PM #  


    The MacArthur gets pretty jammed up, especially on the weekends. But I’m not sure I buy the premise that a major traffic problem has to exist before public transportation is justified. I suspect that South Beach has one of the highest proportions of carless folks of anywhere in Miami, and a quick way to get to the Metrorail line would be a godsend. And as Christian said on another post, “I want a convenient way to get to the airport, and $35 cab rides don’t count!”

    In any case, my proposal goes way out west, too.