Thursday June 28, 2007

2 Live Looks

2 Live Looks

Discovering new “Miami” blogs and websites is becoming a daily occurrence in these muggy and rainy days of Summer, as peoples retreat into their air-conditioned rooms and behind glowing terminals.

The new street fashion blog 2 Live Looks is different, because Matthew actually has to leave his house to gather material. “Websites similar to this one have long existed for other cities, with Miami conspicuously missing.” Sure enough. The question is whether Matthew can keep up the post-a-day pace he seems to have set for himself. (Remember Miamity?) I sure hope he does.

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  1. Steve    Fri Jun 29, 10:17 AM #  

    Why are all the girls so chunky? I can practically smell the chicken fat they’re sweating out.

  2. big girls    Fri Jun 29, 01:54 PM #  

    LOL. is this a blog for miami’s fat hipster gals?

  3. stephanie    Fri Jun 29, 05:13 PM #  

    Fat? You must have something wrong with your vision.. These girls are HOT!

  4. mkh    Fri Jun 29, 07:45 PM #  

    I agree, Stephanie. Okay, a couple are too thin for me, but fat?!

  5. Toni Thomas    Sat Jun 30, 12:27 AM #  

    This lady is really hot!! She shows the dynamics of how a real woman should look. All the curves that’s needed to succeed!! You go girl!!

  6. latinbombshell    Sat Jun 30, 10:30 AM #  

    Why is this even about women you guys?

    Posting pictures is NOT a freaking blog, it’s just a photo collection! They do this in other cities … Helsinki is especially notable because people do dress crazy over there in a supremely creative way. By the way, New Times Riptide just started a whole theme called Style Soldiers, so yeah, it is being done in Miami. And of course, the best documentarian of Miami fashion (of women, specifically) is brilliant Miami Fever who does the work day to day.

  7. JoshuaAlexander    Wed Jul 4, 01:27 PM #  

    hey latin bombshell. why are you so out to kill something new and interesting. street fashion is about capturing looks and the more people out there the more great looks you’ll see. so dont knock on something because you may not see it as original. im sorry you havent seen an ed hardy shirt and a juciy suit yet but im sure you can find that in your other blogs. you can choose to look at it or not but theres no reason for you to be a bitch.


  8. latinbombshell    Wed Jul 4, 04:40 PM #  

    Joshua, I apologize for sounding like a bitch … you’re right. Sometimes the Miami thing gets the best of me. Actually, I’m all for looking at Miami in new and creative ways, so carry on and be well.

  9. :)    Thu Jul 5, 03:23 PM #  

    I like the idea of doing this in Miami but why are they all night pictures? and seriously one of the great things is the high quality of the other fashion blogs’ photography. so keep it up but concentrate on better pictures please!

  10. wow    Sun Jul 8, 09:21 PM #  

    better pictures would be nice. but I don’t know if Miami’s fashion kids come out in the day time in the summer.

    ps – omg:

  11. alesh    Mon Jul 9, 06:46 AM #  

    WOW indeed — i caught an eyefull on that Vice and Lice blog yesterday — as of this morning it’s been closed, viewable by invited guests only. Nice.

  12. John    Mon Jul 23, 08:59 AM #  

    This is pretty amazing.