Wednesday June 27, 2007

ikea painted

I am given to understand that this is the finished new Ikea building, getting its blue paint. Still no more specific an opening date then “Fall 2007.”



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  1. Chris    Wed Jun 27, 09:15 PM #  

    Tears to my eyes.

  2. Allen    Thu Jun 28, 10:51 AM #  

    A truly glorious day! I can’t wait until everyone in Miami has the same furniture from the same place!

  3. circuitmouse    Sun Jul 1, 02:15 AM #  

    They’re probably still looking for the !@#? tool that was supposed to come in the box. At least they got it past the cleared-land-with-a-coming-soon-sign stage; but seriously, do you want to be anywhere near that building when the next hurricane makes landfall? Can anybody say,“Naranja Lakes?”

  4. alesh    Sun Jul 1, 02:26 AM #  


    it’s great that it’s still sort of far away, because only going once in a while is the key with ikea. meanwhile, you see that photo? doesn’t it look like they’re just painting a big blue vertical stripe?


    they look the same now. big formless L-shaped sofa, one of those black metal pointed-at-ceiling lamps, and a TV bigger then my desk. In my experience, people who buy ikea stuff have a couple of pieces, and tend to have the more interesting homes i’ve been in.

  5. Lam Vuong    Fri Jul 6, 09:59 AM #  

    me and my new roommate are so antsy! we’re not consumer whores, but we thought it was ready by now and was ready to drive up there just to throw money at someone.