Tuesday June 26, 2007

Miami Nights has a dSLR, and they’re not afraid to use it. They are, however, afraid of editing their photos down to two manageable sets. I scoured through their two most recent galleries (I only recommend doing this if you were there those nights and you’re looking for pictures of yourself), looking for diamonds in the rough. A few I liked: Black fingernail: there’s a blank but distrustful look, but there’s also a lot of interesting stuff happening with fingers and feet. Two hamming girls: but the guy in the background sort of steals the picture. Overhead: reminds of that Gursky rave picture. Saddest picture: Closed bottle — nobody looks good in this, least of all the photographer that instigate the scene. Update: Nefarious girl’s photos from the Dirty Disco night.

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  1. lackner    Wed Jun 27, 12:51 PM #  

    Any chance I can blame this on alcohol?

  2. alesh    Wed Jun 27, 12:58 PM #  

    I should add: “It’s great that someone cares enough to take these pictures, and at least the scene is getting documented.”

    So yes, keep but the good work. But no, you don’t get to blame the alcohol. If you’re like me, you’re drunk when taking the pictures, but sober (or near-sober) when editing photo albums for the internet.

  3. lackner    Wed Jun 27, 01:11 PM #  

    Yes, the sober photo-review process is a bit of a drag. If you think the ones we take are a bit random you should see the throw-aways.

  4. ;)    Wed Jun 27, 02:08 PM #  

    The key is editing that why cobra and last night party are so good. I have to give Miami nights credit for three things though. First it good that they are doing this and they are picking good events to highlight not lame south beach parties 24-7. Second they get the pictures up quick something that you have to do and Nefarious girl seems to be bad at. And last the site is fairly easy to navigate through. keep taking the shots and edit a little more and you’ll get better with time.

  5. alesh    Wed Jun 27, 02:34 PM #  


  6. lackner    Wed Jun 27, 04:01 PM #  

    The reason we don’t edit as robustly as some other sites is that we are paid for traffic, so we really do have to keep pictures of most of the people we take.

    A site like Nefarious Girl’s prides itself on artistic content or getting photography gigs. LNP sells shit, gets commissions, gets paid to come out to the clubs and shoot. Unfortunately for us, we need to push massive numbers to get any return on investment on that camera and the time spent. Furthermore, since we use the photography outings as an important way to grow the size of our site and our community, we have to keep a lot of photos of people who are sickening ugly because if a person was photographed and they don’t come out on the site, it’s an insult to them and we have lost a potential repeat visitor.

    As an example, on a typical night we take almost 400 pics and usually put up about 75 – 150, so we are removing a bulk of bad photos. Would I love to post just the top 5 incredible pics? Sure! Would it make business sense? No. Miami Nights is a business, not an ego showcase, so we gotta post in bulk.

    From the looks of our photos spreading like a virus all over MySpace, I think we’re doing ok so far all things considered, and over time we are getting better.

  7. HJ    Wed Jun 27, 05:37 PM #  

    I dont mind the quantity. It’s the only good thing that has come out of that blog

  8. ;/    Wed Jun 27, 08:11 PM #  

    keep in mind that when you don’t post someone that can work in your favor. when LNP or cobra doesn’t post someone and said person knows they were photographed it is an insult, sure, but it is that very exclusiveness that makes it interesting. if you don’t make the cut then that picture wasn’t interesting. posting 200 pictures just because that are all in-focus may not always be the best method. edit it down tell a story the hits will come in a bigger way then just people posting candid pictures on their myspace pages. people will come because the pictures are interesting AND they can post them on their myspace. and NGirl could you some editing as well intentionally or not I like you pictures better when you click the good (less candid) ones.

  9. alesh    Wed Jun 27, 08:21 PM #  

    I hear ya, lackner, and I figured the motivation was something like that (+ the MySpace/viral thing makes sense as a way to attract attention to the site — you should CC license the pictures though because right now technically people are breaking the law when they post them to MySpace).

    Thing is, if you’re out to get rich, I don’t think that blogging is the way to go.

  10. lackner    Wed Jun 27, 11:24 PM #  

    tell that to the guys from Weblogs, Inc. :) we have more properties than just miaminights – we have the biggest independent videogame site, a site about anime, and a tech site as well. hopefully hiphop and cars soon.