Monday June 25, 2007

Hey kids, it’s Lightning awareness week! Stop by every morning for the next few days for fascinating information about this mysterious force, and helpful tips for staying safe. Lesson #1: Lightning can strike without warning out of a clear, rainless, and cloudless sky and kill your ass instantly. Bonus fact: Florida is #1 in the nation for lightning deaths.



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  1. latinbombshell    Mon Jun 25, 01:17 PM #  

    Thank you for this. I have been telling people for years. I personally know one person who has died from a lightning strike. Not someone close but the son of my mom’s friend. Close enough! It is the one phobia (rightly so … so it’s not a phobia, right?) that I have.

  2. Jonathan    Mon Jun 25, 01:49 PM #  

    Certainly lightning can be dangerous, and you should be cautious about it if you’re outdoors, but some of the warnings verge on hysteria. Considering how many people live in FL, and how many electrical storms there are, and how many people are out riding their jet skis in the rain (as I saw yesterday), it’s encouraging that so few people are hit. If people were as careful about driving as they are about lightning there might be a lot fewer deaths.

  3. Robert    Sun Jul 1, 02:34 PM #  

    Good tips there Alesh. Although I have to say that the bolt from the blue phenomenon is very misleading. Those strikes don’t come from cloudless skies, they come from the sides of storms that are several miles away. The strike that killed the landscaper several days ago came from a storm only 2 miles away.