Monday June 25, 2007

Latest draft of Miami 21

miami 21 frontage

The latest draft proposal of Miami 21 is available for download. I can’t say that they’ve made it easy for people . . . rather then a web-readable format, or a reader-hostile pdf, the planners have chosen to do this as an extra-reader-hostile multi-pdf. The meat begins in section 4, where, on page 17, the maximum densities for downtown and the surrounding neighborhoods are laid out.

I’ll leave it to urban planning experts to judge the details of the plan, but the broad outlines of it are based on modern urban planning principles that are well established, and as such this is very important for the long-term growth of our city, as I’ve argued previously. You’ll hear a lot of criticism of the plan, and almost all of it comes from self-interested land owners who fear (oftentimes incorrectly) that the plan limits their options on how they can develop their land. But remember that we’re talking about making our city more livable here. (And sorry sir, but we really don’t need a high-rise in the middle of this neighborhood of single-family homes.)

Passing the plan will be an important step, but since the effects of something like this take place over the course of decades, the real test will be how seriously future city governments take it. I guess we’ll have to see how it plays out. For now, Verticus says that Miami 21 is going before the commission for first reading Thursday.

Update: Ryan runs down some of the changes.

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  1. mae    Mon Jun 25, 10:55 AM #  

    Alesh- Actually lots of criticism has come from affordable housing advocates. The plan is great for green space and avoiding giant condos in neighborhoods. But, the plan ignores an opportunity to ensure affordable housing. It’s not even mentioned in the goals of Miami 21 and believe me that IS a conscious decision by the Mayor. Poor and working people are left out of this plan to make room for the future richer people that the City hopes will fill Miami. You can check out this Herald editorial to see the case we’re making.

  2. Jorge Varem    Mon Jun 25, 07:06 PM #  

    It is true. The Miami 21 consultants hate affordable housing. They think affordable housing should go somewhere else…

    So Miami 21 takes away affordable housing opportunities in Overtown, Liberty City and Model City. Really most of the inner city gets downzoned. That is Spence-Jones’s Dist. When height and density go down, then cost per unit goes up. OK. Then who can afford expensive homes in the inner city?

    A few areas are getting vertical high rise towers that will house exclusively poor people. But those were already approved under the existing code. No mas.

  3. Exterminator    Sat Jul 14, 02:58 PM #  

    Miami 21 + Umoja: our state of Fantasyland.

  4. Miami land use guy    Sun Jul 15, 03:23 AM #  

    Miami 21 draft was not ready for prime time. Received no motion to approve. Deferred. Many smart people want it killed.