Tuesday June 19, 2007

A good discussion about Museum Park has been going for the last couple of days at Transit Miami.

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  1. dana Bassett    Wed Jun 20, 12:31 PM #  

    there was some article (maybe in ocean drive? possibly, i’m not sure) where margulies explained exactly why he opposed the new MAM. it came out right around when they voted on the complex. i believe that he basically found the new complex to be a waste of money, prefering the small MAM that is forced to constantly change the exhibitions to a permanent collection.

  2. R Emmer    Sun Jun 24, 11:13 AM #  

    The Miami Art Museum has no collection and it has no endowment. MAM also has no visitors. The average Starbucks gets more visitors every day than MAM gets every year.

    The Miami Art Museum is too weak to deserve the taxpayers waterfront park land (worth $100 Mil) and $300+ Mil in construction costs for a museum that has no community support.

    Miami Art Museum will be another Performing Arts Center disaster. The taxpayers will lose another $10 Mil to $30 Mil a year and those losses will mean other more deserving art venues will not get funded.