Monday June 18, 2007

Bill Proenza gets reprimanded

Bill Proenza Anyone who’s ever worked in the higher levels of any government organization (which, improbably, I have) will particularly appreciate this: Let’s say you’re the head of your own office. The boss you report to is off-site — in another state, actually. One Friday morning she drops by your office, and very cordially (these things are always cordial) hands you a three-page memo of reprimand [pdf]. What do you do?

Well, if you’re Bill Proenza, director of the National Hurricane Center, you call the goddamned press, that’s what you do. You tell them your bosses are being assholes, and no, you do not shut the fuck up (Bill has reputedly criticized budget appropriations that have endangered weather satellites and has generally had the nerve to be honest about predictions). I could kiss this guy. Oh, and NOAA? Get off Bill’s back. And send him the money he needs for some new equipment. There’s people down here counting on it.

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  1. knowless    Tue Jun 19, 08:59 AM #  

    if this guy is really what you’re saying he is, well then he’s a modern marvel.
    a real hero.
    now, what’s gonna happen with the obsolete satellites? if these are so inaccurate, will proenza’s bitching gather momentum for something other than his public persona? will a new satellite be put in place?
    i’m not sure about anything, much less anything of importance, BUT this just sounds like a guy who’s keeping his ass covered and trying to keep his job.
    not more or less…i mean, he’s been in this weather business for over 35 years, you’d think (hope, really) he has some bearings on what he’s saying and that someone of influence will listen.
    i sure do hope so, for everyone’s sake!

  2. Scottso    Fri Jun 22, 11:42 AM #  

    I am a Vermont resident who is lucky enough to be able to spend a good deal of time on my boat in the Caribbean. We are often aboard during hurricane season. Accurate forecasts — both weather and hurricane — are of critical importance to me! It is very upsetting when I read about Bill Proenza, head of the National Hurricane Center, being reprimanded for doing his job and telling the truth. QuikScat wind data is important year around but especially so during huricane season. Please express your support for Mr. Proenza and support the prompt repalcement of the ailing QuikScat satellite.

  3. J. Erick    Thu Jul 5, 10:08 PM #  

    Great, you know what’s peachier? The fact that they want Proenza OUT.

    In my opinion, that society stretches the need for stuff like that for reasons unknown (They claim that the backup power of the quickscat’ll last enough for it to keep going, but how long’ll they let it continue to be on backup? Ridiculous!) by claiming it isn’t that important, and in my opinion, he’s a fine head for that Center and it shouldn’t be any different.