Friday June 15, 2007

The Herald profiles Mika, the gay/ambiguous singer who’s playing Studio A Sunday. I skipped it in my weekend roundup because the show is $20 and his album got crazy panned in Pitchfork. But check out the profile — they’ve got audio clips, and it just might be your thing.



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  1. marie    Fri Jun 15, 03:45 PM #  

    he also got rave reviews in millions of established trades, in the US and around the world. google hiim.

  2. jps    Fri Jun 15, 04:41 PM #  

    ... and his show sold out in a heartbeat up here in D.C.

    Not that I’m justifying anything, as by all descriptions his album would make my ears bleed, just noting his popularity.

  3. harlan erskine    Fri Jun 15, 04:44 PM #  

    It hate to point out flaws but you also forgot that Battles is playing on Monday at studio A.

  4. alesh    Fri Jun 15, 05:16 PM #  


    Did not. It’s not part of the weekend roundup, but you’ll find them in the “What you could be up to, if you only cared” section of the navbar.

  5. Lolo    Fri Jun 15, 07:50 PM #  

    I personally haven’t heard Mika’s music yet but Pitchfork panning something is certainly no reason not to check it out. Everyone knows they’re the biggest bunch of haters around!

    Also, $20 ain’t that much to see a show, especially an international act. Just sayin’...

    Thanks for the Battles heads up tho, should be a great show!

  6. fuck you hipsters    Sat Jun 16, 02:16 AM #  

    $20 is bullshit. i heard studio a is closing after summer. death to hipsters. this is not new york. and what is battles? 10 people will show up to that, minus miami nights that get in for free and eat trust-fund cum for a living. where’s kelly clarkson when we need her?

  7. b.a.c.    Sat Jun 16, 02:49 PM #  

    OMG FYH you read my mind!! Where’s the American Idol tour??? I’ve been dying for some Justin Guarini.

  8. The Third Roomate    Sat Jun 16, 07:27 PM #  


    You have serious anger management issues. Did a bunch of hipsters break into your house and kill your family? Are they taking away all the good jobs? Or, do they just have better fashion sense and it is pissing you off?

    As for Miami Nights, there is no need for accusations of eating trust-fund cum… even though I do think that is a funny phrase. Those bloggers are just kids having fun, covering the club scene. There is an audience for that. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. It’s not like Miami Nights and Studio A are some political movement that are destroying our country? Get a grip, man/woman. Get laid. Chill out.

    BTW.. Battles is an amazing fucking band. If I go, it will be 11 people!

    Guarini is tops.

  9. Paris Hilton    Sun Jun 17, 02:25 AM #  

    Trust-fund cum, that’s so hot!

  10. j-j    Sun Jun 17, 01:11 PM #  

    hey ya studio a really closing? that would be awfull:-/

  11. brokin' hip    Sun Jun 17, 02:13 PM #  

    Can’t you kidz share one of those fancy-schmazy beers and just relax.

    Ms lolo:
    grrrl I almost choked on my hummus smeared soy chip. Don’t worry, I washed it done with some tasty pomegranite juice. I’s hoping you were being sarcastic. Owning THE hipster rekkid store in the 305, do you really think we believe you’ve never heard MIKA’s music?

    Wouldn’t you consider the Spam All Stars an “international act”? Heck, the even play for free.

    “Thanks for the Battles heads up tho, should be a great show!”- isn’t a “heads up” like letting you in on something you didn’t know about? Aren’t you spinning between set. Confundido???

    See you at Battles. Hope I’ll be #12, can’t afford to be #13 with my luck lately.
    As for Guarini, I thought I heard he was a bottom. Oh sorry, wrong board.

  12. j-j    Mon Jun 18, 09:58 AM #  

    I think FYH is the same person that was thrown out of studio a sometime ago, and it’s been bitching about ever since…can’t prove it but just a hunch

  13. alesh    Mon Jun 18, 10:55 AM #  


    No, $20 is not that much for a show. And pitchfork panning something isn’t enough of a reason not to check it out. On the other hand, life is short, I don’t have time to check out everything, and a quick listen to a couple of the clips the Herald helpfully provided was all I needed to know that PF was spot-on in this case.

    Now that I think about it, I have a harder time sorting out whether I’ll like stuff they rate well. In any case, thank god for the internet, where we can hear samples of music before spending money.

  14. Lolo    Mon Jun 18, 01:28 PM #  

    Mmm pom juice…

    The gasping, shock and awe I get when mention I actually haven’t listened to something is hilarious. (I may own a music store, but sadly I still only have two ears.) I haven’t heard anything overly intriguing about Mr. Mika which is why his disc is at the bottom of the “to listen to” promo stack. So it goes, and anyway I can’t get the new Queens Of The Stone Age out of my CD player. SO GOOD.

    Also by international I really just meant “a band coming in from another country.” It costs more than booking the Spams who can roll up in their WV bus and throw down…

  15. latinbombshell    Tue Jun 19, 12:24 AM #  

    Mika is a somewhat local product actually … I’m not going to say anymore but I’ve been tempted to .. kudos to that gorgeous Miami blonde who helped him get there!

  16. Jonathan    Tue Jun 19, 01:46 AM #  

    Alesh, you should randomly combine the comments from this thread and the jumper-cable thread.

  17. alesh    Tue Jun 19, 02:31 AM #  

    I should, Jonathan. Meanwhile, I can’t get so much as a shout-out for my man Bill Proenza. Life, it is unfair.

  18. latinbombshell    Tue Jun 19, 02:34 AM #  

    Alesh, my sis works for MD county, it’s hopeless. Let’s just hope people who hang on do the best they can with what they have and in the meantime, hurricane seasons will continue to be another human lesson, one after another.

  19. Bill    Tue Jun 19, 09:46 AM #  

    check out www. and www., the Miami girl who developed him and wrote the songs.. also there are a few versions of the album, some acoustic on itunes..not as campy! anyway that’s the result of MY google search.

  20. Jonathan    Tue Jun 19, 11:16 AM #  

    How about changing the title of the Proenza post to “Meteorologist Beaten by Police”?

  21. gmr    Thu Jun 21, 07:30 PM #  

    what’s up with everybody hatin’? the first time i heard his music, i was a little irritated. but i learned to love it, so it’s pretty much an acquired taste.

    besides, he put on an amazing performance.

    i have proof! in videos.

    the most recent videos are ones from the mika show.