Friday June 15, 2007

All hell broke loose in Coral Gables when a whole bunch of sacrificed, headless animals were found in front of a house last week. (via MVB)



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  1. circuitmouse    Fri Jun 15, 06:12 PM #  

    ...and yet Florida is the only state with an electric chair that deep fries convicts slowly.

    This is part of what we love about Miami. Remember when the custodians used to have to clean sacrifices off the courthouse steps every Monday morning? Nowadays I’m inundated with offers to re-fi or buy marked-down condos that I suspect will be rubble when the next storm hits.

  2. Onajide    Sun Jun 17, 06:45 PM #  

    In addition, the sacrificed animals are cooked and eaten as part of the complete ritual. And, the food is cooked, even if not exact, according to Yoruba recipes. Very tastey also.