Thursday June 14, 2007

Ceviche on the beach.

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  1. Rhea    Thu Jun 14, 10:59 AM #  

    Uh, would you buy ceviche from the back of the truck?

  2. alesh    Thu Jun 14, 11:39 AM #  

    And in the hot sun! I was wondering if anyone thought this was odd.

  3. Nyxie    Thu Jun 14, 11:59 AM #  

    that sounds very unhealthy. something will bound to happen. who came up with this smart idea???

  4. 2top    Thu Jun 14, 10:53 PM #  

    I had it and it was great!

  5. mkh    Fri Jun 15, 08:35 AM #  

    Perhaps I am overly optimistic, but I assumed the truck had refrigeration. On the other hand, if I was standing in direct Florida summer sun, I can think of several snacks I would prefer over ceviche.

  6. R.    Fri Jun 15, 08:46 AM #  

    that’s an odd menu they have there. I mean, protein shakes, hamburgers AND ceviche?

    I think I’ll stick to my regular ceviche kiosk in the middle of the beach thankyouverymuch.