Wednesday June 13, 2007

June gallery hop

What's your DADA performance
Click image for slide-show.

Contrary to all predictions, the weather on Saturday was actually very nice — not just no rain, but sort of almost comfortable out. We’ll see about July. Anyway, I decided to do this as one of these slide-shows (10 images), so click the picture to get started. You’re not going to see a whole lot of art, because frankly, there wasn’t much art to write home about. A few nice pieces here and there, which we’ll hear about later.

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  1. whl    Wed Jun 13, 06:54 PM #  

    you obviously missed the amazing new shows at lowenstein gallery, including the performance by erica magrey at pawn shop…..g0oshh

  2. The Third Roomate    Wed Jun 13, 09:18 PM #  

    I rather be a hipster than some dodgy character that creeps and lurks around someone’s house, taking pictures, without even introducing themselves or showing any sort of gratitude for our hospitality. First of all, as hipsters we always know what tunes are hot, which trucker hat goes best with what hoodie, what girl not to sleep with, and we don’t creep anyone out.

    It flatters me that you found our fridge so aesthetically pleasing, but you didn’t even ask if you could take pics of our fridge for your blog. You know, some of those pictures on the fridge are personal which includes a pic of my roommates deceased grandmother and a friend who was passed away recently. Those pics are for friends only and they are not public domain or for public ridicule. I’ll ask you nicely once, please remove the picture of our beloved hipster refrigerator. I’m serious…and next time I see you, I hope you act like a normal human being and introduce yourself. You know, good ol’ fashion manners. Nothing hip or trendy, just plain reliable common courtesy.

    Live long and prosper,
    The Third Roomate

  3. alesh    Thu Jun 14, 12:54 AM #  

    whl~ i DID make it to lowenstein. the show was great — i didn’t get any decent pictures because the place was so damned packed! Didn’t make it to pawn shop, but a friend sent me a photo-message on my celly from there. If i can figure out how to get it off my phone I’ll post it…

    Roommate~ Assuming you are who you say you are and not a random prankster, do you really think an anonymous comment, replete with a fake e-mail address, full of insults and demands, is the way to get me to do what you want? If you’re serious, try a private e-mail, sport. And before you start typing, remind yourself that you have no shred legal, moral, or ethical grounds to demand that I start changing stuff on my blog. Otherwise I’m assuming you’re just having some fun drawing attention to an otherwise unremarkable photo.

  4. The Third Roomate    Thu Jun 14, 03:38 AM #  

    I’m not talking about legalities, I’m talkin’ bout common courtesy and respect. Why didn’t you send us an email in regards to posting the unremarkable photo you took, sport? We share common friends. It wouldn’t have been hard to reach us.

    If you want to be “too cool for school” in front of all your readers, or you don’t want to believe in invasion of privacy, or you just don’t want to change “stuff” in your blog when kindly asked, by all means, but don’t act surprised when other people react negatively to your actions or if you hear a knock on the door from a very courteous process server.

    You reap what you sow.

    The Hipster King

  5. whl    Thu Jun 14, 04:11 AM #  

    alesh…thanks. i missed both as i am in basel. check out my basel pixs…

  6. l'elk!    Thu Jun 14, 09:58 AM #  

    you’re more than welcome to take photos of my fridge?

  7. alesh    Thu Jun 14, 11:37 AM #  

    All right Hipster King, it’s gone.

    xoxo right back at ya.

  8. knowless    Thu Jun 14, 03:01 PM #  

    holy shit,
    thrid roomate/hipster king: what if hugo had taken a picture of your fridge, blew it up gigantic, and put it in a gallery in wynwood, would you be as offended or would you be flattered?
    honestly, nobody in miami is a real hipster as no one can afford such decadence in this unreal urban sprawl.
    also, in alesh’s defense he doesn’t mean to be creepy, he just is and i love him that way! he removed the picture, which shows he’s a good “sport,” so lets be friends…
    ready? GO!

  9. The Third Roomate    Thu Jun 14, 05:38 PM #  

    First, all is forgiven and all beef is squashed in regards to this matter… so we can move on. Alesh, thank you. All this could have been avoided if you would have introduced yourself when you came into my house. Who knows, if you would have actually talked to me, maybe a friendship could have blossomed…the door is still open.

    I am sorry if I reacted in a heavy handed way, but I was upset. Especially due to the photos on our fridge. Those are people we care about, some are no longer with us and they deserve respect… at least within our household. I hope you understand where I’m coming from and I’m not bull shitting when I offer you the wreath of peace.

    I’m very good friends with Hugo and he has carte blanche with us. He could post a mural of me talkin’ a crap on a Wynwood wall, and it would all be gravy.

  10. knowless    Fri Jun 15, 02:38 AM #  

    good. i’m glad.
    alesh means no harm…i think…i’m sure.
    everything can still blossom, right?

  11. not a roomate    Fri Jun 15, 05:01 PM #  

    The Third Roommate: “First of all, as hipsters we always know what tunes are hot, which trucker hat goes best with what hoodie, what girl not to sleep with, and we don’t creep anyone out.”

    this quote creeps me out for several reasons, first who calls them self a “hipster”? I thought that was a derogatory term? I would say you are Hip but a Hipster? I wont put you down like that. Also trucker hats have been out since Long Island and New Jersey kids started wearing them and buying them at Urban Outfitters. and what kind of misogynistic shit is that about what girl not sleep with? maybe they don’t want to sleep with your hipster harry ass.

  12. cohen    Fri Jun 15, 07:23 PM #  

    all beef better be squashed…. trucker hat wearing posers…...

  13. roommate with a view    Fri Jun 15, 07:47 PM #  

    hipsters don’t eat beef right?

  14. Tilman aka The Fourth Roomate    Sat Jun 16, 06:53 AM #  

    Issac Hayes 19:74

    LOL...You guys obviously don’t know Third Roomate.

    If you folks don’t recognize sarcasm or facetious comments, I think your brain is missing a component that doesn’t get it…which makes you easy targets.

    Roomate With A View:
    Not A Roomate:
    .. thank you for being prime examples for the right wing that evolution does not exist…

    If you don’t get it then, yes…Third Roomate is a Trucker Cap Wearin’, Emo Hair Flowin’, Designer hoodie blazin’, Thick Rimmed Glasses gawkin’, American Apparel lovin’, DFA junkee, aka Williamsburg wannabe… but that is all superficial stuff…

    Do You even know him?
    Are you judging him before you judge yourself?
    Do you know the whole story?
    Are you hiding behind BS moral values that you yourself don’t follow?

    Come on guys…this guy was pissed off because someone went to his house and took a picture of some personal shit to make a smart ass comment on his blog.

    If that is cool woth you, then let me go to your house and take some pics.

    I like this blog, but I don’t like negative bullshit.. or smart ass comments that are meant to be more “cruel” than “constructive.” But if that is what turns you on, so be it. Welcome To Miami.

    not a roomate: Hipster girls do the same thing. They know exactly which boy not to sleep with. Sex is not a misogynistic thing. Sex is like a joke, Some of us get it and some of us don’t.

    By the way Cohen… Looking foward to see “No Country for Old Men”..I believe you and your bro made a good flick this year.

  15. alesh    Sat Jun 16, 01:28 PM #  

    Summing up my thoughts about this issue: Yes, the fact that it was someone’s house makes a big difference. I photograph in people’s homes all the time, and normally I’m pretty good at judging what people would be uncomfortable about seeing in public (actually I try to error on the side of caution). In this particular case I was obviously wrong. My thinking was thusly: (1) the refrigerator in ANY house is used to post things we want people to see and (2) this particular house, as any house that contains roommates rather then a nuclear family, seemed to have much more people passing through it regularly . . . SO posting the picture here is really only an incremental increase in its audience, and very unlikely to offend anyone. Well, it did offend. (Maybe the caption that went with it had something to do with that, in which case I apologize — it really wasn’t intended in a negative way.) tTR’s first request to have the photo taken down made me dig my heels in a little, what with the insults and weird asides (e.g. “what girl not to sleep with”), but after I thought through the second comment I realized there was genuine feeling to it, and I had no choice but to take the picture down. (A shame, too, because it really was an “aesthetically pleasing” fridge.)

    The whole “hipster” thing is my fault. I probably need to retire that word, and fwiw I took tTR’s use of it as being sarcastic and facetious. Also: I have no problem with people coming to my house, taking photos, and doing whatever they want with them. But other people are allowed to feel differently about this. If I was a real photographer and the picture had some newsworthy or artistic merit, I would probably have fought for it. It didn’t — it was cool exactly to the extent that the fridge was cool, and it wasn’t serving any purpose other then sharing the fridge with a few readers and maybe giving a sense of the flavor of my saturday evening. As such, I figure it’s not worth it if the people who are directly affected by it have a problem with it. I hope something valuable (other then “alesh is an asshole”) has come from this conversation.

  16. The Third Roomate    Sat Jun 16, 03:57 PM #  


    as I posted before, all is good between the both of us and I apologize as well for my own reactionary snide remarks. Next time I see you, I will buy you a beer.

    For everyone else in the peanut gallery…

    not a roomate:
    Thanks for the history on trucker hats, I’ll make sure to stop wearing them. I was switching to paperboy hats anyway, they are making a comeback. As for my hairy ass and so called misogynistic comments, I think my roomate Tilman has clarified the issue.

    Thank you for trying to interrupt the peace accord and instigate more negativity. Plus, learn a little more tolerance, hipsters have feelings to. If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not seek revenge?

    roommate with a view:
    Some hipsters eat beef and some are vegitarians. Personally, I’m a pescitarian.

  17. cohen    Sat Jun 16, 04:40 PM #  

    hipsters are “so” 2003,,,

    relax ,,,, go read vice magazine or something.,.,.,.i mean go look at vice magazine,,,,PEACE ,,, you guys passively threatened critical miami….. any way see yall at poplife this weekend

  18. Tilman aka The Fourth Roomate    Sat Jun 16, 05:45 PM #  

    Obviously you still don’t get it and I do not have a degree in special education to walk you through it. Based on your reading comprehension skills, I could see why you would suggest us to “look” at Vice magazine rather than to “read” it. Try picking up a book sometime and flex that thing you call a brain… Maybe then you can engage us in a proper conversation or a good debate. FYI, We never give threats, we just state what could be the consequences. Have fun at Poplife, hipster.

    One more thing, Poplife is now called Dirty Disco. Get your facts straight, buddy.

    I’m with my roommate on this, all is good in the hood between us. All my remarks were intended for the “peanut gallery.” I would buy you a beer, but I never leave the house.

    By the way, has Hipster become the new “N” word or something? What’s so bad in being hip? I hear it is hip to be square these days.

  19. La Hermanita    Sat Jun 16, 06:34 PM #  



    I think the rules are just like the “N” word rules.

    Never say Hipster, say Hipsta’

    But the catch 23 is, only Hipsta’s can call each other Hipsta’s. Anyone else using it is looking for a world of trouble.

    Wikipedia has a good entry about it

    By the sound of it, I think you boys have sorted the issue out. love the humor….and this blog has been great entertainment for a rainy day.

    By the way, did anyone go to the 20/20 show and see Hugo’s pics? I was out of town and missed this month’s walk.

  20. cohen    Sat Jun 16, 06:49 PM #  

    um,,, i get it now…. thanks….

    see you at the dirty Disco this weekend.

    ill be the hipSTA guy standing next to Hugo (really,,, i will be the guy next to hugo) see i told you i get it…