Monday June 11, 2007

Vehicular transportation: two contrasting case studies

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  1. Jonathan    Mon Jun 11, 12:26 PM #  

    Not bad. The bottom one has more thematic coherence. The top one is a rousing tale of the triumph of the human spirit. Bottom line: was the driver holding the camera in both videos?

  2. alesh    Mon Jun 11, 09:13 PM #  


    I was the camera operator in both cases, and the driver in the second video. In the top video, you catch a glimpse of the shadow of my fellow trunk-dwellers and me around :36. I can also attest that both videos are exactly as they came out of my SD400, unedited and with unmanipulated sound.

  3. Adam    Tue Jun 12, 09:20 AM #  

    ach, the track skipping (bad remix) in the bottom one is highly irritating.

  4. um student    Wed Jun 13, 04:49 AM #  

    ...this makes artblog seem so Bannard…