Friday June 8, 2007

'Huh, another boat show?' weekend

boat show


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  1. ;)    Sat Jun 9, 02:50 PM #  

    you know compared to those neocon republicans the Socialists look fairly good now. Sure they both will toucher you if you are against them but at least for the good citizens the Socialists at least you have free healthcare and education.

  2. alesh    Sun Jun 10, 11:21 AM #  

    Yep. The socialists look pretty good and have some awesome ideas. They’re good cooks, too. The problem is that their system ignores some basic things about human nature. Oops!

    For their part, neocons understand human nature but don’t give a shit about people. Good thing we don’t just have those two choices, eh?

  3. harumi    Sun Jun 10, 01:46 PM #  

    yeah another boat show….
    It’s good for my family income, but I wonder how many people in Miami need to have boat.

  4. Jonathan    Sun Jun 10, 08:35 PM #  

    The neocons are too left-wing for me, but at least if you’re dating a neocon chick the odds are good that her family will have a boat. With socialist women you’re usually SOL in this regard.

  5. ;)    Mon Jun 11, 12:01 AM #  

    true, but I can’t imaging the neocon girl would be good in bed or smoke a joint with you. but hey you never know Patty Hurst surprised everyone.

  6. skipvancel    Mon Jun 11, 08:41 AM #  

    Bamboo Sale, thanks for the heads up. However, We had sticker shock because Fairchild raised its price to $20.00 a person. I believe ithe increase was to pay for the ugly Chiluly crap they marred the garden with. AND the big greenhouse pavilion we so love was closed. An attendant murmured something about this being a result of the Chiluly exhibition too. God those things looked so horifically gaudy compared to Fairchild’s natural beauty.
    Whose idea was that? I want a refund.

  7. alesh    Mon Jun 11, 09:27 PM #  

    Jonathan~ I like to take it as it comes in that particular regard. Yacht trips with the neocon girls and canoe trips with the socialist girls — it’s all good.

    ;)~ Au contraire — conservative women are often wonderful in bed. As for pot, I can’t even remember when the last time I got a g/f to smoke pot with me. The last time I smoked pot was with my friend’s mom!

    skip~ Agreed. Lots of people loved the Chihuly, though, and for awhile it seemed like it was going to become a permanent thing. I guess it’s gone now. For myself, I prefer my art with juxtapositions, so I find chihuly to make more sense in an urban environment. Whatever. You’re right — fairchild should be cheaper — more accessible to the general public. I’m planning on going for the mango festival, tho. (ps isn’t my photo at the link above from inside the greenhouse? I don’t remember anything being closed during the first run of chihuly.)

  8. mkh    Mon Jun 11, 10:05 PM #  

    I have heard that Chihuly will be back in the winter. He just doesn’t want $10k glass tubes out for hurricane season.

    Skip, I was under the impression that the price was going to go back down once the glass was gone. Is that not true? $20 during the unbearably hot summer months will suck.

    The greenhouse may have been closed for the removal of the glass, too. I know it took several days to set up, and the first year they wouldn’t even let you bring a tripod into the greenhouse while it was open.

    Oh, and Alesh, have you ever been to FTBG for the Mango Festival? It’s sunstroke city, so be careful.

  9. skipvancel    Tue Jun 12, 09:41 AM #  

    The Chiluly thing was in the process of being removed. You’re right, MKH, the greenhouse was closed for the removal of the Chiluly work, but they hadn’t reduced the price yet. A funny moment occurred when I openly stated that I thought the Chiluly work was too gaudy for the garden and 2 of the docents (volunteers?) approached us and said they thought the same thing. I’ve never been a fan of Chilulys. HOWEVER! that being said, I’m sure more than one person was peeved at my wood pallet installations courtesy of Carol Jazzar at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens during Art Miami. So maybe we are even. Probably not.