Friday June 1, 2007

School's out for Summer

empty hallway with lockers

Yesterday was the last day of the school year for most kids. The punks (and the teachers who teach them) get two-odd months of kicking-around time. But this isn’t about bitching about having to work. I want to point out a post by Frances Nash about the last day of school, which pretty well summons up the feeling of the last day of high school.

As I sit on the curb and wait for Dad’s car, a tide of papers cartwheel in the breeze. Weeks later, they will crumble into the grass like melted snow: all the quadratic equations and gross national products, the research papers and dangling participles. I will try to remember them and draw a blank.

Congrats to all the kids that survived another year, especially those that just graduated high school. You’ll never experience anything like that ever again. Not that you’ll miss it, but it’s a memory that will seem more surreal with every year that goes by. Do like Frances: get yourself a digital camera and use it.


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  1. latinbombshell    Sat Jun 2, 12:00 AM #  

    As one who is a product of this school system, all I can say the saddest thing about this season is Frances graduating. May she continue on somehow … however, Alesh, far more goes on in this town than school … hello?

  2. wms    Sat Jun 2, 12:15 PM #  

    native miamians do not reference snow metaphorically

  3. latinbombshell    Sat Jun 2, 10:19 PM #  

    Wow, I sounded like an asshole in that last comment. Actually, rereading it now, the sentiment is beautiful.

  4. ;)    Sun Jun 3, 02:39 PM #  

    wms, Frances Nash was born in Burlington, Vermont. Just look at her my space if you don’t believe. and where does it say she was graduating? It seems to just say she is finished with another year of school no?