Thursday May 31, 2007

Ikea is coming

ikea chair Anyone who’s ever been to Ikea is a devotee of their inexpensive, modern Swedish furniture. And any devotee who lives in Miami bemoans the fact that the closest store is in Atlanta. There have actually been recorded road-trips up there just for the purpose of buying furniture, because Ikea’s shipping is notoriously expensive and difficult. And while there has long been talk of a store opening down here, many were skeptical of Ikea’s claims that a store will open this august.

Well, those doubts can now be put to rest, because word is out that Ikea is officially hiring. They’re looking for 400 employees, because, if you haven’t been, these places are huge. Here’s where it’ll be — way out in West Broward off I-595. Worth the trip, trust me. They have a massive selection, crazy good prices (How much do you think that chair right there is? Click on it and see how close you are.), and a restaurant attached that serves delicious Swedish meatballs. Yum, meatballs!


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  1. jps    Thu May 31, 09:40 AM #  

    Well, the last barrier to me moving back to SoFla has been removed.

    (ok, not literally, but the idea of trucking my crap furniture from Virginia to Miami is so ridiculous that I know I’d need to buy new furniture, which I couldn’t do in the absence of the two Ikea’s I’ve come to love up here)

    I wonder how long it’ll take before there’s a story in the Herald about design district/south beach furniture stores bitching?

  2. Guv    Thu May 31, 09:49 AM #  

    I have been waiting, checking Ikea’s press releases, and drooling.

    And I didn’t even know about the meatballs!

  3. chris    Thu May 31, 11:22 AM #  

    Whey hey. Now we too in Miami can have crap, overpriced chipboard furniture.

  4. Jonathan    Thu May 31, 11:25 AM #  

    IKEA is OK. Some of their stuff is good, some of it is cheap crap. The meatballs aren’t bad. Overall, it’s good that customers will have more choices.

  5. knowless    Thu May 31, 11:52 AM #  

    yeah, jonathan it’s REAL GOOD that customers will have more choices. BRILLIANT! that’s what customers need: MORE CHOICES!
    i wish i had the patience to write that, and not copy/paste, ONE thousand times.

  6. WarLaur    Fri Jun 29, 08:51 PM #  

    Hey, it’ll be closer than Sawgrass. And it’s not like you’ll be there every day/week shopping for furniture [okay, for your Swedish meatballs, maybe].