Wednesday May 30, 2007

Best Miami website, motherfuckers

I’m not quite sure I’m believing my eyes, but Miami New Times’ best of 2007 is out, and Critical Miami took ‘Best Website’. I guess w00t and thanks are in order. The operant link may be my rant from last year, wherein I embarrassingly whined about not winning the award then, and further complained about the lack of a ‘best blog’ category. But if 54 references aren’t enough, let me spell it out: I love you too, guys. (I’m also glad that NT noticed the commenters here, who’s contributions are just as important as mine for making the site worth visiting. Thanks.)

Update/PS: I’m sure the print version is perfect, but your online listing doesn’t technically include a hyperlink. And the Biscayne Times award doesn’t even include the name.

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  1. Rick    Wed May 30, 10:07 PM #  

    Congrats, Alesh. No offense, but I need to tell you I voted for babalu with Cuban American Pundits as a close 2nd.

    Oh, and does this mean we get a blogroll?!?

    [Chill, man, I’m joking.]


  2. R.    Wed May 30, 10:18 PM #  

    LMAO!! I was gonna camp out and wait till Rick mentioned something about the blogroll… so much for that.

    Congrats Alesh.

  3. Duran    Wed May 30, 10:30 PM #  

    I saw that today… brought a tear to me eye. Then I ripped it up my copy and sobbed uncontrollably. It’s ‘cause I’m a jealous bitch.

    But congrats nonetheless!

  4. kingofrance    Thu May 31, 12:41 AM #  

    That’s an official dudeyourock. Congratulations and thanks for the time you put into this.

  5. Biscayne Bystander    Thu May 31, 05:58 AM #  

    Much better than the ‘Best Place to get Offered a Dildo and Some Blow’ award. Finally you get the well deserved recognition reserved for the truly great:, and of course


  6. Alex    Thu May 31, 08:25 AM #  

    What, you dethroned bangbus, 8thstreetlatinas and the like? Miami is changing indeed…


  7. mkh    Thu May 31, 09:02 AM #  

    Congratulations, young man!

  8. Steve    Thu May 31, 09:14 AM #  

    See? Aren’t you glad now you took all my advice?

    Congratulations. Now get back to work.

  9. latinbombshell    Thu May 31, 09:25 AM #  

    Congratulations, Alesh!

  10. alesh    Thu May 31, 09:39 AM #  

    Thanks everybody.

    Hey, so, I just noticed it says CM is “sometimes touching” — anybody have any idea what that’s referring to?? I think that might be my favorite part!

  11. Shawn    Thu May 31, 09:58 AM #  

    Congrats!!! VERY WELL DESERVED!

  12. Tere    Thu May 31, 09:58 AM #  


  13. Yvette    Thu May 31, 11:17 AM #  

    Congratulations, Alesh!

  14. Jonathan    Thu May 31, 11:19 AM #  


  15. Gus    Thu May 31, 11:41 AM #  

    Congratulations, Alesh!

  16. knowless    Thu May 31, 11:49 AM #  

    oh, whatever! this site BLOWS.
    you should keep it up though…what else would you do with your time?!
    what i really mean is that you deserve this and a swift kick in the ass for EVERYTHING you do.

  17. Xavier    Thu May 31, 02:06 PM #  

    Congrats Alesh!

  18. Bernie    Thu May 31, 02:55 PM #  

    Pretty much the same for us. Every year NT (not the readers) picked a Best Karaoke, and every year I would write to the editor to complain about lack of research and not opening the category to the readers.
    Not sure if that or the fact that Vince Neil showed up at one of our shows did it but this year Karaoke Miami’s show at Felt was picked for Best of 2007.
    I still think they need to add the category for the readers to vote but hey we won so hooray for us and thanks to New Times.

  19. Dayngr    Thu May 31, 04:20 PM #  


  20. mkh    Thu May 31, 09:00 PM #  

    Alesh, you might not want to know what they think you are touching.

    Or maybe they have long memories, and they are talking about the carp in the bathtub story?

  21. latinbombshell    Thu May 31, 10:14 PM #  

    Alesh, it seems they are referring to your photographs … like this one or this one.

  22. nonee moose    Fri Jun 1, 01:45 PM #  

    Good work, Alesh. What the hell is a blogroll, anyway? Is that like sushi?

  23. A.T.    Sat Jun 2, 10:00 AM #  

    Good news!

  24. Chad    Sun Jun 3, 01:03 AM #  

    Yes I found out when you told me just now. Congrats, now you’re famous.

  25. Vrat    Tue Jun 5, 12:16 PM #  

    We are very proud of you. Congratulations.

  26. Manuel A. Tellechea    Thu Jun 7, 09:38 PM #  

    My belated congratulations. I see you’re accepting this award with as much enthusiasm as you did the honors I bestowed on you last year.