Tuesday May 29, 2007

Miami Gmaps street views

gmaps miami

This is more interesting/cool then useful, but a Google truck with a 360° camera mounted to the top spent some time driving around Miami last year, and now we see the results: you can click on many of the streets in Miami in Gmaps and get a panable photo-view every few feet. In other words, they photographed everything from every spot along the roads deemed interesting enough, to wit: Downtown, central Coral Gables, and Miami Beach south of 5th, as well as all major streets for a couple dozen miles. Not only does this point in the direction of of how reality and the internet will continue to merge in the future, it’s a lot of fun to play with. Here are some spots I’ve stumbled on (click the little dude-figure icon in each case to get the panorama; you may need to download a new version of flash):

OK enough. Anybody else spot anything interesting? (via Kottke)

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  1. latinbombshell    Wed May 30, 02:17 AM #  


  2. jps    Wed May 30, 10:08 AM #  

    Random crap I noticed and noted:

    The furthest south the thing goes on Dixie is a Shell station, which makes me think they stopped to get gas, said “fuck homestead!”, and turned around.

    They went through my neighborhood on a Wednesday morning; you can tell because a landscaping truck is parked out front.

    Seeing Miami International Airport is hard from the street, which I imagine keeps the Fed’s happy.

    Finally: man Le Jeune looks dismal!

  3. Chris    Wed May 30, 03:17 PM #  

    I think it’s more than just a novelty. The first simple use I can think of is knowing what your destination looks like when searching Google for directions.

    BUT definitely the cool points outweigh its use right now.

    Did you notice that you can move up and down the street while in StreetView by just clicking the arrows along the road?

  4. SoBe Expatriate    Wed May 30, 05:28 PM #  

    If you check out the street view of Pizza Rustica on 9th and Washington, you’ll see that weird pumping truck that was blocking 9th a few months ago. Gives you a time frame of when the GooleCam van hit South Beach.

  5. alesh    Wed May 30, 09:18 PM #  

    lbs~ I know, RIGHT?! and the MacArthur! I’d have thought that’d be the first street they’d hit. How many times has it been featured in movies??

    jps~ good job. this is about the best I could do for a view of the airport.

    Chris~ yes. you can spend the afternoon driving around miami without leaving your computer. Not uninteresting.

    SoBe~ Here is a picture of the truck you’re talking about. But I noticed similar little things too — signs that let you know exactly what month/year, or day of the week, the truck drove by. The same is true of google maps — the Carnival Center is a barely broken-ground construction site, so those satellite images are more then three years old. That needs to be updated! (and actually I’d like them to update the imagery regularly and publish the schedule of updates.)

  6. harlan erskine    Wed May 30, 10:29 PM #  

    Speaking of Museum park, Check out this article I just posted about

  7. Christian Calzadillas    Thu May 31, 03:32 AM #  

    I think that Collins between 11th and 12th was photographed in February of 2007. I think I can tell because there is paper up in the windows of the tattoo shop.

  8. Vrat    Fri Jun 1, 03:25 AM #  

    Have you read this?
    Google Photos Stir a Debate Over Privacy