Wednesday May 23, 2007

A baywalk is part of Miami 21, but anyone who’s been down to the bay knows it’s a little pie-in-the-sky, since almost all the buildings along the bay have fence up to the water and private yards. Anyway, here’s what the Baywalk would look like if we had a baywalk.

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  1. Blingtown    Sat May 26, 10:54 AM #  

    I actually worked on a proposal that got shot down for this project. As part of that, I took a number of VIPs on tours and will say first-hand that it has mad potential. There are fences in a few places, but not as many as you might think. Surprisingly, there are a number of great, underutilized spaces along the way that would benefit from the links.

  2. alesh    Sat May 26, 12:51 PM #  

    I don’t get it — all along Edgewater, for example, there are apartment buildings and condos that have their pools/backyards/etc all the way up to the bay. It’s private property. How can you turn it into a public-property baywalk?