Wednesday May 23, 2007

gigant beetle

Giant Harlequin Beetle found on cargo ship. A few things about this. I understand that there’s a real threat if these insects establish a foothold here — it turns out they burrow into mango trees, killing them — but mainly it’s just sort of cool that a giant beetle is on the news. Also, why does it look like they sentenced him to death by hanging?

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  1. mkh    Thu May 24, 06:55 AM #  

    Hmm, “six legged beetle.” I thought beetle = insect = six legs. (Perhaps the customs agent should be described as “two legged,” to be safe.) Also, “sucking the life out of the plant” is — for television — a highly technical phrase. I imagine the bug holding onto the trunk and sinking its long, vampiric fangs into the bark, draining the poor mango tree of its Gaian essence as the insect grows larger and more dangerous.

    As for the rope, I assumed the Harlequin came to Miami by accident and committed suicide when he found out where he was.