Wednesday May 23, 2007

Break me a give — everybody’s up in arms about (granted, another) $4 million budget shortfall at the Carnival Center, but a $503 million budget overrun at the airport barely gets noticed.

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  1. Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal    Wed May 23, 02:05 PM #  

    I’m more worried about the Half a Billion, you’ll see why later today…

  2. John    Sat May 26, 09:54 PM #  

    People are worried about the $4 Mil operating loss at the PAC Center because the Miami Art Museum wants $2 Mil to pay consultants and designers so it can go on public waterfront parkland at Bicentennial Park. (They will end up asking for $100 Mil or more in taxpayer funds.) If that happens we are looking at another taxpayer disaster PAC like black hole and years of losses and more payments from the taxpayers.

  3. alesh    Sun May 27, 07:21 AM #  

    I wonder why these comments always seem to come from an out-of-town IP address, and posted under several different names with the same writing style and the same method of distorting facts.