Monday May 21, 2007

Saturday’s storm.



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  1. Guv    Mon May 21, 09:31 AM #  

    Great storm, nice photo, but the scene downtown was a nightmare. The streets were rivers, and filled with construction flotsam. S.W. 7th near Publix, and Biscayne leading up to the A1A onramp were particularly bad…. and the “Welcome to South Beach” complimentary car wash (mud river) has got to go. City engineers, wake up!

    Also, at the height of the storm (well, around 10 AM), I spotted (city?) sprinklers dutifully watering the plants. These were in a median in the Brickell area.

  2. Rick    Mon May 21, 01:19 PM #  

    It would be great if someone was able to get photos of all these water restriction violations. I’ve also heard that they’re still rinsing cars coming off the ferry from Fisher Island.



  3. Manola Blablablanik    Mon May 21, 03:38 PM #  

    I took a photo of palm trees being watered behind the new Fountainbleu. Palm trees that grow in sand and need very little water!!!!