Monday May 14, 2007

Rick does a great homage to a golf course that’s just closed, Raintree. Now if only I had a blogroll, you could go see it.



Hidden City gets into a car accident with some guys who’re being chased by the police. Hillary Hilarity ensues.



Last non-muggy gallery hop

Brünte Klaus explains* the work of David Rohn at the Buena Vista Building. We laugh because it’s funny, and we laugh because it’s true.

The Moore Space’s website would have been good enough to let me track down this artist’s name, except that that particular page was broken. Conditions of Display is a serious attempt at an exhibition worthy of this almost-museum space. But it’s organized around the concept of nonstandard display strategies, which prevents the show from really achieving thematic unity. This, along with the fact that most of the pieces are (worthwhile, but still) exercises in artistic detachment, makes for one aloof stroll.

Dumpster across the street from Snitzer/Bruk. Hmm…

Daniel Blair, aka DJ Hottpants, and yes, I did photograph the rest of him. My photstitch software botched the rest of the photos. (Cowboy-font “Friends with You” t-shirt, if you must know.)

The beautiful people at Twenty Twenty, which I’d never been to before (and which doesn’t have a website? has a website (thanks, dig, and speaking of which, more photos at)). A perfectly lovely photo exhibition. Aspiring gallerists take note: art looks better when you have to climb the stairs to see it. See also Spinello, Brook’s original space, and scores of places in NY.

And speaking of New York, Circa 28 is something like to Miami today what Max’s Kansas City was there in the 60’s. I think. Maybe. Or something.

By the way, this all sucks. There was lots of good art, interesting people, and photographable situations, but I couldn’t get it with my officially lousy little camera. I’m working on getting some decent gear, so more of this soon. Oh and hey, did anybody make it to the Goldman warehouse? Anything interesting happen there??