Wednesday May 9, 2007

Relaxin’ or murdered?



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  1. b.a.c.    Wed May 9, 11:47 AM #  

    Prolly just over worked Illegals getting their 15 minute break from a 12 hour day =/

  2. knowone    Wed May 9, 12:17 PM #  

    oh, you mean probably!
    “prolly,” wow…!
    i’m not sure what to think of this photo. it’s saturated and ugly but also a little mortifying, right?

  3. kingofrance    Wed May 9, 12:28 PM #  

    this is kind of like one of my favorite games: Homeless or Hipster?

  4. knowless    Wed May 9, 02:53 PM #  

    upon closer inspection, turns out that they are definitely homeless folks.
    why was this picture taken?
    AND why from a mile away!
    what, you’re afraid of the homeless? get closer, or keep your camera in your pocket, or better yet get in your car and take it from a moving vehicle….

  5. Steve    Wed May 9, 03:08 PM #  

    Alesh: Isn’t the one on the right the librarian you had trouble with?

  6. b.a.c.    Wed May 9, 04:26 PM #  

    haha, homeless or hipster. I think if they were hipsters they would have jeans so tight they cut off circulation to the legs, an emo/wild hairdo, and perhaps some tats?

    and yes…prolly = probably…great catch!

  7. Manola Blablablanik    Wed May 9, 04:31 PM #  

    Passed out from a night of drunken, drugged out sex …

  8. alesh    Wed May 9, 04:52 PM #  

    It’s not so much being scared of the homeless, but I do get a little nervous photographing people. They get touchy sometimes. In any case, I rather like my composition. Sometimes the answer is to take a step back.

    BTW, I just added a geotag to the flickr page.

  9. Duran    Wed May 9, 04:54 PM #  

    Stop telling everyone what I do I night Manola… and B.A.C. doesn’t that description kind of remind you of someone… yea, I know who: YOU!

  10. Steve    Thu May 10, 09:08 AM #  

    Actually, I see now I was wrong. The one I thought might be a librarian is actually a new arts blog in himan form.