Tuesday May 8, 2007

The origin of the name of Dade County.



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  1. R.    Tue May 8, 11:21 PM #  

    very informative

  2. alesh    Wed May 9, 07:31 AM #  

    Wow, nice work R.

    I like the “Tequesta County” suggestion, tho personally I don’t like it when the names of things change for no reason. I’ve always been irked by the hyphenated name, it’s silly and pretentious.

    One other thing: I’m glad they brought back the old county logo; the squiggle they used during the 90s, which came in with the name change, irritated the crap out of me.

  3. R.    Wed May 9, 07:25 PM #  

    Thanks Alesh.

    Pretentious you say? I always figured it had a lot to do with marketing. I mean, between us locals it wouldn’t make a difference whether you’re talking about Dade, Miami-Dade, or Miami. On the other hand, everybody else thinks Miami = South Beach. Call it the L.A. syndrome.

  4. Manola Blablablanik    Wed May 9, 09:26 PM #  

    Speaking of Tequesta, did anyone see the PBS documentary on the Miami Circle Monday night?

  5. Dro    Sun May 20, 12:26 PM #  

    I hate the name Miami-Dade. They should have kept it as Dade County. Now, that has a ring to it. No need for a damn hyphen.