Tuesday May 8, 2007

Our pal NicFitKid has escaped from Miami. Godspeed!



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  1. Rick    Tue May 8, 09:17 AM #  

    Flickr isn’t loading this morning on my high speed, super duper, ultrafast BellSouth POS DSL connection. I’ll have to check out these linked pictures later, I suppose.

    And I couldn’t stop by without mentioning the nice blogroll you have, Alesh.


  2. Gus    Tue May 8, 09:44 AM #  

    Has NicFitKid escaped for good?

  3. Tere    Tue May 8, 11:09 AM #  

    Aw, what a shame. I really like him.

  4. alesh    Tue May 8, 01:29 PM #  

    Has anyone noticed that the last five or so comments that Rick has left here have all made snippy sarcastic comments about the lack of a “blogroll” here? I wonder why that’s bothering him so much. I wonder why he thinks I’m going to add it if he keeps harping on it. I wonder if he’s noticed that nobody else is bothered by it.

    I mean really, how hard is it to find other blogs? I have several links a day to specific stuff that I find interesting.

    Do I have to list everything that’s broken about SotP? I mean, you have two guys posting 6 to 10 items a day with no categories, no tags, nothing but a chronological archive. You have two guys writing from vastly different perspectives about pretty different topics, but you don’t see who wrote what until you get to the end. You have the most b0rked comment system on the internets. You have a half a dozen graphical widgets cluttering up the bottom of the sidebar, some of them flashing and animated. And you have a background that doesn’t turn white until the whole page has loaded, so the text is difficult to read for as long as that takes.

    That’s off the top of my head, and I haven’t said a word about the actual content. This is the guy who’s handing out advice on how to set up a blog? Talk about a glass house, Rick.

  5. Rick    Tue May 8, 02:25 PM #  

    Woah, Alesh. Duuuuuuuuuuude. Did you forget the meds today, bro?

    Way back when you added the pink paisley background to your blog and moved your ads to the top of the right sidebar, I asked if you planned on bringing back your blogroll which you had removed in the reorganization. You said something to the effect that it would be back shortly. Here we are months later, and every time I’ve mentioned it up ‘till now you’ve said nothing. Until this blow up.

    Listen, I think blogrolls are a great way to support other bloggers that you enjoy and read. For people who come to your blog, it’s a great way for them to transition to another blog they’re interested in without having to go back to where they just came from or typing in a URL from memory. In short, it helps out your readers.

    I’m not quite sure why you wouldn’t want to have a blogroll, Alesh. Only you can tell us that. But since you said that you would put it back up and you haven’t, I was just wondering.

    As far as the list of things wrong with SotP…thanks for clearing the air. You can send suggestions on the content to the email address in my sidebar any time.


  6. HJ    Tue May 8, 06:08 PM #  

    We don’t need no stinkin blogroll