Tuesday May 8, 2007

Maibaumfest German Spring Festival

German festival

Oddly enough, this was fun. Most of the music was in German, but here an MC leads, in English, the crowd in a sort of dance. German dancing accommodates being stuffed with beer and wurst by employing mostly simple lumbering and swaying motions. In one, the idea was just to sort of crouch down and stand back up every few bars.

German festival

Dudes in lederhosen perform. This was just as we walked in, so the main appeal was of culture shock. This is way deep in the SW of Miami, mind you. Never did figure out the significance of the wreath hanging from the ceiling and the crown on a pole in the previous picture.

German festival

A sampling of cakes and “Apfelstrudel” (delicious). Not pictured: wurst hotdogs, schnitzel sandwiches, and some serious beer, including light and dark Warsteiner on tap. There was also the typical arts and crafts area.

German festival

Random picture from the trophy case of the German American Club.


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  1. Tere    Tue May 8, 09:01 AM #  

    Dude, Miller and 119 is not “way deep” SW Miami. I was picturing the Redlands or Florida City!

  2. Steve    Tue May 8, 09:16 AM #  

    Yeah yeah. Great fun. How was the beer? You know, the BEER?

  3. Manola Blablablanik    Tue May 8, 05:09 PM #  

    I danced a very sweaty and fast polka there once.