Monday May 7, 2007

I'm on a panel this Wednesday

conversations with miami

Joanne Green of the New Times, Omar Sommereyns of the Sun Post, Anne Tschida, Elisa Turner of the Miami Herald and I will be doing a panel on arts writing in Miami, and media in general, at Locust Projects this Wednesday. Stop by and say hi.

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  1. Steve Klotz    Mon May 7, 09:48 AM #  

    Top billing, too! Or is it alphabetical by first name?

    Anyway, talking about art is terminal. Your weekend post was far more interesting, entertaining, and informative. Give us more!

  2. alesh    Mon May 7, 11:00 AM #  

    I think they were going for alpha by first name, which is how the whole world should be! They did spell my name wrong, though . . . i fixed it in the version above.

    These panels usually turn out to be more interesting then you’d think.

  3. bah!    Mon May 7, 12:28 PM #  

    I know a writer who did a piece for the new times, Anne Tschida edited it. But instead of editing it she added he own text into it! Thats not what editing is, if you want to add something it needs to go back to the writer! HACK!

  4. Duran    Mon May 7, 12:55 PM #  

    bah! rarely does anything get sent back to the writer unless MAJOR changes need to be done. The process can take a lot longer if it’s sent back to writer and sometimes there is no time. This is coming from someone who has worked as an editor.

  5. lara    Mon May 7, 01:17 PM #  

    i wish i could be there. will you be providing any kind of summary? podcast? (ooh, yes, this would be great!)

    hope it goes well and generates some good discussion.

  6. dig    Mon May 7, 04:57 PM #  

    one – how will arts writing be discussed? In the context of criticism? art history? trends and ideas in the art practices in miami artists?

    two – I count three moderators + five panelists. Not one artist, nor an art historian, not even an art critic for that matter.

  7. dig is right    Mon May 7, 05:48 PM #  

    dig is right. there are no miami art critics or artists on this panel. the panel’s flyer says as much about art criticism in miami as the panel will, and i haven’t seen any arts reporting on critical miami in the last month or so.

  8. alesh    Mon May 7, 06:19 PM #  


    on “one,” I don’t know. on “two,” I think it depends on how you define “critic.” At least Elisa Turner most certainly is? And as far as I know, the panel doesn’t have artists on it by design — it’s a panel of writers.

  9. cohen    Mon May 7, 07:01 PM #  

    CM has written this month on artist tommy vision, on the doc on the cocaine cowboys and observed the Legler sculpture…. What exactly is art reporting….

  10. cocaine cowboys?    Mon May 7, 09:49 PM #  

    sorry, i don’t see where that documentary plays into this discussion. this panel is obviously amongst friends. no artists, no art critics (who are the miami art critics for that matter), these are obvious problems. should be a fun event, but not very relevant.

  11. harumi    Mon May 7, 11:08 PM #  

    well, supposedly there will be another panel discussion at Snitzer on thursday. Dorsch will be one of them. I think they are going to talk about miami art scene or something like that.

  12. Manola Blablablanik    Tue May 8, 12:00 AM #  

    Alesh, the love from your commenters is overwhelming . Geez people, relax. Where’s the harm?

    The real problem here: Steve Klotz didn’t crack a joke about that poster!

  13. Guv    Tue May 8, 08:20 AM #  

    Sounds interesting.

    Also, @ #10: film isn’t art?

  14. Franklin    Tue May 8, 08:50 AM #  

    Having done a few of these, I always wished that we could start with tougher questions. There may have been no way around it, but each time I felt like we were spending the first three-quarters of the talk in education mode, explaining what blogging is, or talking about whether the panelists considered themselves critcs or journalists, or something remedial like that. Invariably this led to some interesting conversation getting cut off at the time limit just as it was getting started.

    I’d recommend beginning with divisive, controversial questions to the panel from the get-go, and let the remediation happen along the way if needed. I think everyone would have a better time.

  15. dig    Tue May 8, 09:56 AM #  

    Franklin – great suggestions. The burden for the success of the ‘Conversation’ rests on the insight, skill, and perspicacity of the moderators.

    To the Moderators – I dare you to deliver.

  16. bah!    Tue May 8, 11:20 AM #  

    Sorry Duran but they are called Editors because they are supposed to EDIT! I am sure there is a time crunch at some papers but adding writing without putting another author’s name on the byline is unethical.

  17. cohen    Tue May 8, 12:45 PM #  

    Miami is not an art critic town because its not an art town…. its a town for visual culture….
    its more pertain ant to discuss art{in a gallery sense} in the context of everything influencing that kind of art practice, then to discuss the “thing itself”
    Cocaine cowboys, is the real anthropological art history of Miami….