Tuesday May 1, 2007

Fly Boutique

Fly Boutique

Fly Boutique looks like just another clothing shop on Lincoln Road; it’s only inside that you realize it actually sells vintage clothing. You don’t hunt for fabulous old clothes here — you just grab ‘em off the racks. The owners pick through the stashes at thrift stores and estate sales and whisk the best stuff here. You’ll pay, too: dresses can cost over $100, pants run $40 to $90. And yes, they do have men’s clothes.

Fly Boutique

Most of the charm is in the way the store is decorated. It’s kind of like a crazy aunt’s living room, if your crazy aunt had no closets and an obsession with clothes from the 60/70/80s. There’s a funky couch, a coffee table piled high with fashion magazines, rugs on the terrazzo floor, and funky objects everywhere.

Fly Boutique

A cache of belts. Good grief, who wouldn’t want to be a rock star?

Fly Boutique
650 Lincoln Road


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  1. Michael Emilio + Miami Real Estate    Thu May 3, 07:17 PM #  

    Interesting place to check out – reminds me of Miami Twice.

  2. marlon    Thu May 3, 09:35 PM #  

    brought in about $500. in clothes for consignment and never saw my clothes or any money. went back twice to get paid and said they had no check for me.. but my stuff was gone from their inventory. the clerk said he would look around for it but i never heard back.