Friday April 27, 2007

Silver Goose

The Silver Goose. Parked between Palm Island and the MacArthur for the last four days.

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  1. nikos deli    Fri Apr 27, 11:59 AM #  

    yeah its from Sweden, notice the motorcycle parked on the back.

  2. Rick    Fri Apr 27, 12:42 PM #  

    Looks exactly like the one Alex posted about at SotP on Wednesday…they look almost exactly alike.


  3. alesh    Fri Apr 27, 01:41 PM #  

    Sure does. I guess it’s been awhile since I’ve been over there.

    BTW, Alex is wrong about the location. See the geotag on the flickr page for the actual location.

  4. NicFitKid    Fri Apr 27, 05:04 PM #  

    Found a mention of a “M.Y. Silver Goose” in a listing of magazine issues for group called Hardy Owners Club:

    Magazine No. 95 January 2006

    Marine Market – Editor’s Forward – Membership Matters – The Hardy Pilot – Club Regalia – Calling All Creatives – The HOC Website – Canopies – The Maiden Vogage of the M.Y. Silver Goose – Crew Discipline – Letters to the Editor – Advertisements

    No links to the full article though. Wonder of it’s the same boat? Maybe they’re on a round the world trip or something. I am insanely jealous, of course.

  5. Manola Blablablanik    Sun Apr 29, 01:00 AM #  

    I drove by this gorgeous example of maritime engineering today. I’m convinced it’s some marketing ploy to promote a new kind of skid row vodka.

  6. Guv    Mon Apr 30, 12:12 PM #  

    84.7 feet, built in 1963, 9.1 foot draft, per US Coast Guard records: