Wednesday April 18, 2007

Redlands real-estate album

where the ultra-rich now live
Click image for slide-show.

These images were made for an e-bay auction of some property down in the Redlands part of Homestead, and they show how quickly that area is being transformed from agricultural to suburban use. In fact, Gabriel, who discovered the set, bemoans the transformation. I’m mainly appreciating them for their inherent beauty, and so they’re presented here in a full-resolution slideshow.

They’re a sort of weird Dan Graham and Barbara Kruger. Apparently photographed with a disposable film camera, they were lovingly scanned and overlaid with magenta all-caps boldface text. One of them even has a line connecting the text to a spot in the picture.

The photographs depict McMansions, both cookie-cutter and outrageous, being constructed, as well as some photos of the surrounding streets and farms. We get a real sense of being between two places, for example in the 4th image, where a dirt country road and a wrecked fence suddenly find themselves juxtaposed with a house that will soon be occupied by an upper-middle-class family. Occasionally we get a glimpse of a slice of the realtor’s car, and in one picture a man spreads his arms invitingly, standing on farmland that will no doubt not exist in another few years.

Gabriel is right — there is a real melancholy to these images. But this is the reality that has always been Miami — people are moving here all the time, and large-parceled suburbs have been swallowing farms since the 1920’s. The transformation in downtown is a part of this too, and while I wish more people liked living in urban high-rises, the truth is that owning a big fat house is a pretty standard human desire. As went Miami, Coral Gables, and Aventura (they didn’t name it “Ives Dairy Road” out of whimsy), so go the Redlands.

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  1. Scarey Architecture    Wed Apr 18, 09:51 AM #  

    The picture above looks like the entrance to a nazi concentration camp.
    All that is missing are the train tracks and a sign that says Welcome to Treblinka!

  2. Gabriel J. Lopez-Bernal    Wed Apr 18, 11:21 AM #  

    Alesh, Inherent Beauty?

    I’ll post the picture I took of them with respect to the massive TV Tower looming above…

    You’ll see them in a whole new light…

  3. alesh    Wed Apr 18, 11:35 AM #  

    Scarey~ I think that building is awaiting a paint job. On the full-sized pic you can see the little road, fountain, and the main house through the opening in the middle. pretty amazing.

    Gabriel~ Oh, I’ve been down there. the beauty is in the pictures, not in the actual development, and it’s unintentional at that. Nice find.

  4. knowless    Wed Apr 18, 11:45 AM #  

    the text in the pictures seems like an indictment to its purpose; like it’s making fun of whomever were to buy this property. also, the man in the picture with his arms wide open, has a disingenuos smirk on his face, as if saying: “yeah-right, this is income producing!”

    i too think that the pictures are melancholic…everything else about them though is plain weird, auction and all.

    gabriel, this part of the world is sinking anyway…a couple of generations from now, even the “looming” tv tower will be underwater, all thanks to abusive behaviors of one kind or another.

    yes, this (and many other things) is awful.

  5. Manola Blablablanik    Wed Apr 18, 12:25 PM #  

    That has always been a surreal place … who wants to live in the middle of nowhere anyway, mansion or not?

    What’s up with selling “FLAT LAND” ... LOL! Geez, I so hate builing my McMansion on a hill or a slope down here in the Redlands.

    Alesh, the captions and images are set perfectly on my browser now.

  6. ellegitimate    Wed Apr 18, 01:02 PM #  

    Interesting how they state that’s where the “ultra rich” live. Is that true? Most westward development around south Florida is so that people who want giant homes can more easily afford them, though I’m not sure thats the case. Instead of new homes for the lower-middle class its new homes for the upper-middle class. The ultra rich still live in giant homes on the intracoastal and along the beach. I was up near Bradenton a month ago and there was a lot of the same kind of development going on and it goes far into the middle agriculture areas up there. I would so rather live in a high rise downtown somewhere, but they don’t build them for affordability just as they no longer seem to develop out west for affordability.

  7. Michael Emilio + Miami Real Estate    Wed Apr 18, 09:01 PM #  

    I used to go paintballing in my high school years in the Redlands… good memories… but hey, development in Miami seems to be unstoppable.

    Another example: MetroZoo area. 10 years ago – tons of U-Pick strawberry tracts, farmland, etc.

    Now: MAJOR development (and MAJOR traffic).

  8. pie - r- squared    Thu Apr 19, 06:27 AM #  

    Super geniuses such as Alesh, Carlos Rigaud, (who pretends that he is Kenneth Cohen), Thomas Nolan, and anyone from the Harris family should reflect upon their intrinsic spiritual nature regarding the future of the amazing successes forthcoming.
    This is from the “Art Ho”...

  9. pie - r- squared    Thu Apr 19, 06:36 AM #  

    Also it is legal to shoot someone on your PROPERTY, at night, if they have crossed a fence… defense of life or property. My property is fenced!!


  10. alesh    Thu Apr 19, 08:00 AM #  

    First of all, Pie, that’s just not true. It MIGHT be true if they’re pointing a gun at you, but if you shoot someone for trespassing your ass is going to prison.

    But more to the point: what the fuck are you talking about? You’re incoherent.

  11. cohen    Fri Apr 20, 01:26 AM #  

    all these are super geniuses,,,are men

    how about all the ladys out there…