Monday April 16, 2007

A commenter suggested this.

Any takers?



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  1. Michael Emilio + Miami Real Estate    Fri Apr 20, 06:09 PM #  

    Only way this is gonna work is if you put it in a prominent location. Try putting it in the sidebar for 30 days and see if anyone uses it. If it doesn’t attract people, then just dump it.

  2. Miami Real Estate sucks    Sat Apr 21, 01:51 AM #  

    Seriously, can you make a fucking comment on a blog and not promote yourself and your business? Jesus Christ. Fuck you Michael Emilio. Miami Real Estate is a shitty company. I hope that shows up on Google under your company’s name.

  3. alesh    Sat Apr 21, 01:14 PM #  

    Maybe, Michael. The truth is I really don’t care — chat rooms in my experience are vapid. I put it on the main page (it was on the top once!) to see if it would catch on at all, and it didn’t. Plus, I don’t think the number thing works — even when I was logged into it it stayed at 0.

  4. Miguel    Sat Apr 21, 02:58 PM #  

    I disagree alesh. I think this could work on a site like Critical Miami that is community oriented. Smart business decision. On the otherhand, while I do not like the prior commenters profane tone, he has a point Michael. That is not a good way to promote your business. No one cares.