Sunday April 15, 2007

Twitter (in the side bar). Don’t expect this to last.



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  1. Rick    Mon Apr 16, 08:27 AM #  

    Yeah, I’d like to see a blogroll instead.

  2. alesh    Mon Apr 16, 08:42 AM #  

    Hey, I think I’m psychic: I saw that Rick added a comment to this and I immediately said “I bet he’s kvetching about the blogroll” and sure enough.

    Oh, did I mention that I could see that Rick added a comment to this post?


  3. Rick    Mon Apr 16, 08:52 AM #  

    Yeah, and…..?


  4. Teh Internets    Mon Apr 16, 09:09 AM #  

    Blogrolls are so 2003.

  5. Daniel M. Perez (The Gamer Traveler Podcast)    Mon Apr 16, 09:25 AM #  

    I’m still not sure I get Twitter. However, just so I don’t miss out on a starting intarweb fad, I’ve an account and added alesh as a friend.

  6. Christian Calzadillas    Mon Apr 16, 09:27 AM #  


  7. Charlie Crist    Mon Apr 16, 09:28 AM #  

    I don’t know exactly what this is, but I sure like the look and the name!

  8. alesh    Mon Apr 16, 01:48 PM #  

    my second update, “ripping classical CD’s borrowed from the library” got deleted twice! I think there’s some cyborg filtering happening at twitter!

  9. R.    Mon Apr 16, 02:10 PM #  

    so what’s the point of twitter again?

    I mean, really.

  10. mkh    Mon Apr 16, 05:48 PM #  

    This way you don’t have to tell your friends what you had for lunch.

  11. Christian Calzadillas    Mon Apr 16, 06:27 PM #  

    Well, R., it works like this…
    Say Alesh is out on South Beach, and he sees Jessica Alba on 15th and Collins running down the street naked. He sends out a twitter message saying as much, I (and everyone else who has him as a twitter friend) get the message on my phone or computer, run outside and take tons of pics. My day is made!
    If Alesh had instead made a post on cm hours later, I would have been pissed and my WEEK would have been wrecked.

  12. gabbly    Mon Apr 16, 07:03 PM #  

    twitter is okay. there was a link to gabbly on ignroe and kalopnikk a few weeks ago and i find it far more useful in theory. try it out here. really a weird application.

  13. Michael Emilio + Miami Real Estate    Tue Apr 17, 03:08 PM #  

    I am CONSTANTLY hearing about two new web tools.

    Twitter and Jott.

    Jott seems real interesting… Here’s some text from their website (

    Have you ever …

    ... felt like you don’t remember things you should? Gifts to buy, a stroke of genius, a song to download, a cab fare?

    ... wanted to send an email or text message to somebody while in your car (and not take your eye off the road)?

    ... needed to get a message to a group of people, but couldn’t (or didn’t want to) make a bunch of separate calls.

    At Jott, we’re simply trying to give you more access: to your ideas, to people, and more.

    We do it using things you trust that are already in your life: an ordinary cell phone and your voice.

    To Jott, just make a phone call.

  14. NicFitKid    Tue Apr 17, 06:23 PM #  

    Sounds like a another diversion for the office worker with their own computer and internet access. Does this comment make me sound jealous? Because I am. Where are my accoutrements of middle-class savvy?

    Damn it.

  15. alesh    Tue Apr 17, 07:20 PM #  

    No Nic — it works with a cell phone. Get on it.

    Michael ~ Jott looks interesting. i’m going to look into it after i’ve got my taxes done.