Monday April 9, 2007

Photos from Bogotá

Bogotá 2007

Photos from Bogotá. Bogotá is near the equator and almost 9,000 feet above sea level, so it gets a constant year-round temperature of around 66 degrees, a fact with very pervasive consequences: none of the buildings need heating or air conditioning, the distinction between being indoors and outdoors can be safely blurred. It reminded me a lot of Europe — the architecture, the weather, the people, etc., but maybe what I’m really saying is that it’s unlike the US in those respects.

As I said, my Nikon D80 got mugged off of me in downtown (where I’d been repeatedly warned not to bring it) along with 1,000 pictures from the first week of the trip. These photos are from my pocket camera, and shot, as you can imagine, with a certain amount of timidness. So they don’t quite do it justice, but it’s all I’ve got.

Also, I’m a little over flickr, and I’m trying to work out a decent way to show photo galleries on this site. It’s a little rough around the edges, but not bad I think.

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  1. Biscayne Bystander    Mon Apr 9, 11:26 AM #  

    Getting mugged sucks.

    Could you confirm/deny a factiod I was told about Peru & Columbia? With all the ornate gold that was found from the Indian settlers, they have yet to uncover a single gold mine. Is that true?

    Thanks for sharing the pics.

  2. j-j    Mon Apr 9, 12:59 PM #  

    Hey sorry to hear you got mugged, at least you are OK and that’s all that counts, a camera can always be replaced…those pics are nice too, nice to have you back…


  3. Manola Blablablanik    Mon Apr 9, 03:31 PM #  

    Yeah, that sucks, but I’m glad you’re ok. You still got some nice pix. I like they layout of the album.

    (The only thing was that each time I clicked for the next pix I had to scroll down to read the caption, and I’m on a 19” widescreen monitor.)

  4. mkh    Mon Apr 9, 06:38 PM #  

    The first time I visited NYC I took almost no pictures because I was told “If you take pictures you can’t make eye-contact with the people about to mug you, so they’ll know you are a tourist.” I am much less concerned now. Your story, though, does make me a little more uncomfortable about traveling abroad. If I couldn’t take photos on vacation I don’t know what I would do with myself.

    Nice shots on a pocket camera! The salt crystals shot really gets to me, for some reason.

    Oh, a couple of captions are out of sequence somewhere around 18-22, I think.

  5. Marc    Mon Apr 9, 07:04 PM #  

    You took a d80 to downtown Bogota! LOL. Was this your first time in Latin America?

  6. Jonathan    Mon Apr 9, 10:45 PM #  

    Thanks for sharing these photos. The food pics made me hungry.

  7. cohen    Tue Apr 10, 10:33 AM #  

    um so can you put up the site already…. do i have to pay you or something,,,,, please alesh… that sucks about the digi cam…..i told you South America sucks…...

  8. Tati    Tue Apr 10, 01:05 PM #  

    Thanks for the pics!

  9. Adam    Tue Apr 10, 01:28 PM #  

    I walked up the hill in bogota, but some locals at my hostel told me about these australians who thought they were smart and put their cash in their shoes when they walked up the hill… They got mugged and had to walk all the way home barefoot.

    Great city though. Colombia is truly under-appreciated by Americans.

  10. alesh    Tue Apr 10, 01:49 PM #  

    thanks everyone.

    BBystander~ I have no idea. One thing I DID learn that I didn’t know was that gold was so common in that area that it wasn’t something reserved for kings or tribal leaders — everyone, even teenagers, had gold jewelry.

    j-j~ Agreed. Catalina’s dad said it might have been a blessing, because it made us more cautious for the rest of the trip. Getting shit stolen is part of life, and it could have been a lot worse.

    Manola~ Crap. I was worried about that. I guess I have to make the pictures smaller (ironically, the aspect ratio of the d80’s pictures probably wouldn’t have caused that problem at the same width).

    mkh~ Yeah, I need to fix my captions. But that was exactly my feeling — “what, I’m going to go to Bogota and not take pictures?!” I actually want to get a new camera and head right back there – there was awesome shit to photograph. Maybe if I carry a taser in my pocket, I can pretend to give future potential muggers my shit and then zap them as they run away? (maybe not.)

    Marc~ Yeah, first time :)

    Jonathan~ The food is amazing. Contrary to what I thought at the time, I only gained about a pound or so. Avocado and lime should be served with every meal, as far as I’m now concerned.

    Cohen~ the holdup is your boys at Globat. I’m working on them, but they’re just SUCH assholes.

  11. Daniel M. Perez    Wed Apr 11, 01:10 PM #  

    You know what the really sad thing is? Your cameraphone takes better pictures than my old HP digital camera.

    So you go and get over Flickr right when I add you as a contact? Sheesh!

    Nice pics, though. Sucks about the mugging.

  12. alesh    Wed Apr 11, 01:51 PM #  


    It’s a Canon SD400 (my cameraphone bites too), and yeah — it’s pretty decent except that I like a wide-angle view which is impossible with it.

    BTW I’m not done with flickr yet — it’s still my best choice for individual and small-batch uploads.

  13. alesh    Thu Apr 12, 10:53 PM #  

    Fixed: I’ve corrected the captions and made the viewport template as small as possible. Better luck now with the 900px high monitor, I hope?

  14. Chad    Fri Apr 13, 08:45 AM #  

    Nice Alesh. Notables include salt mine, #27 and “stewing”. Really made me want to go back.

  15. Enrique    Fri Apr 13, 11:18 AM #  

    Great pics. Great you took the risk and see by yourself what a great city is Bogota. Sorry about the camera. Here are some other pics I took myself in Colombia.