Thursday April 5, 2007

MoCA will be trippling the size of its building by 2010. The article is worth a read, and reveals that MoCA is largely financed by the city of North Miami. (via TnfH)

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  1. Michael Emilio + Miami Real Estate    Mon Apr 9, 09:37 PM #  

    I’m a HUGE MoCA fan so this is some great news..

    “The expansion, expected to be complete in 2010, will triple the museum’s exhibition space while adding a multipurpose room for performance art and film screenings, an outdoor sculpture roof overlooking a reflecting pool and plaza and other features”

    And this comment is key:

    “North Miami Mayor Kevin Burns embraces that vision. The city recently adopted an ordinance allowing sidewalk cafes, and along with a recently opened Starbucks and a soon-to-open Dogma restaurant, he envisions MOCA giving residents and visitors more reasons to linger downtown.”

    I could see this lifting up that area after a few years of the new MoCA presence…