Sunday March 18, 2007

Heavy weather

I love Miami weather. This was around 10 am Friday, I-95. After an hour or two everything cleared up, and the afternoon was calm, cool, and wonderful.



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  1. cohen    Mon Mar 19, 12:58 AM #  

    cohen wants the website back up….please

  2. j    Mon Mar 19, 04:15 AM #  

    - cohen should be himself and embrace storms as they are. I ‘m not a fan of fake appearances.

  3. knownothing    Mon Mar 19, 09:17 AM #  

    cohen and j are equally facetious; storms are too temporary.

  4. cohen    Mon Mar 19, 10:33 AM #  

    again,,,, the website…. most of your readers want it back… thank you.

  5. Michael Emilio + Miami Real Estate    Tue Mar 20, 09:34 PM #  

    Hectic weather.