Thursday March 15, 2007

Water restrictions go into effect March 22. But nice people start early on this. In fact, nice people don’t water their lawn during the dry season!

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  1. Rick    Thu Mar 15, 04:56 PM #  

    ...nice people don’t water their lawn during the dry season.

    Coming from an apartment dweller, I totally understand where this is coming from just as I understood where the no-big-deal-about-fruit-trees came from.

    Listen, if you’re smart about it and water sparingly and only in the early morning or at night, there is nothing wrong with a homeowner keeping his lawn green.

    I’m going to follow the water restrictions and I hope every one else does, too. Moreover, I hope they vigorously enforce them. Last time this happened, they did not.

  2. alesh    Thu Mar 15, 07:50 PM #  

    Yes, thanks. I’m currently an apartment dweller, but I’ve spend most of my life living in a house. My philosophy about this comes from my dad, the titleholder of said house, who believed that lawns are healthiest when allowed to follow the trajectory of South Florida’s natural ecosystem, thriving and growing fast during the rainy season and slowing down and drying out during the dry season.

    Having said that, I recognize that a lush “healthy-looking” lawn is an obsession with many Americans, perhaps because they regard it as a reflection on themselves (their togetherness? status?? virility???). But I appreciate it when they at least adhere to Rick’s standards — do it sparingly and early in the morning (and on days when the restriction allows (of course if we were doing it sparingly and early in the morning the restrictions probably wouldn’t be necessary)).

    And yes, I second the call for vigorous enforcement.

  3. Michael Emilio + Miami Real Estate    Thu Mar 15, 11:30 PM #  

    Nice people do take showers though. Please!