Monday March 12, 2007

This just came up: there are 32 Cities in Miami-Dade. Don’t click yet — write down as many as you can from memory first!

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  1. Ten Pikemen    Mon Mar 12, 10:23 PM #  

    West Miami
    Coral gables
    Miami Shores
    Biscayne Park
    Miami Lakes
    Hialeah gardens
    El Portal
    Golden beach
    Sunny Isles Beach
    Bal Harbor
    Bal Harbor Isles (?)
    North bay Village
    Cutler Bay
    Palmetto Bay
    Florida City
    Miami Gardens
    Miami Springs
    Miami Beach
    North miami
    North Miami Beach
    Key Biscayne

    Ok I got stumped at this point and checked the list…

    I missed Sweetwater, Virginia Gardens, Indian Creek Village, Aventura and South Miami. Can’t believer I missed South Miami.

    Oh and the list is missing Islandia!

  2. alesh    Mon Mar 12, 10:38 PM #  

    Good job!

    ps — Islandia is too on the list!

  3. NicFitKid    Mon Mar 12, 11:38 PM #  

    Islandia, oh Islandia! Why is that still a municipality? Seriously, it’s a legal fiction on Elliot Key where no can even build a house.

    Such a waste of a cool name. If Miami-Dade were more like the crazy novel in my head, Islandia would be a micro-nation off the coast pumping out pirate radio and free WiFi, as well as dealing in shady bank transfers and server farms of ill repute.

  4. Ten Pikemen    Tue Mar 13, 01:35 AM #  


    Sealand beat you to it.

  5. knownothing    Tue Mar 13, 02:03 AM #  

    where in the FUCK is “Islandia?” i don’t care what any of you critical idiots say, that city doesn’t exist!

  6. John    Tue Mar 13, 08:03 AM #  

    I think the list did miss Miami Lakes, it is recently incorperated but abscent from the list. I got 26 from memory, I wasn’t sure if Sweetwater, Medely and El Portal were actually incorperated.

    My list read like:

    Miami Beach
    North Miami Beach
    North Miami
    South Miami
    Miami Gardens
    Miami Lakes
    Hialeah Gardens
    Miami Springs
    Coral Gables
    North Bay Village
    Bal Harbor
    Bay Harbor Islands
    Miami Shores
    Sunny Isles Beach
    Golden Beach
    Biscayne Park

  7. MiamianLawStudent    Tue Mar 13, 02:39 PM #  

    The list is wrong. There are 35 cities in Miami-Dade.

    The list is missing Miami Lakes, Palmetto Bay, and Cutler Bay.

    I compiled this data for a research paper. Here’s a list with of the 35 with their dates of incorporation.
    1. Miami, 1896
    2. Homestead, 1913
    3. Florida City, 1914
    4. Miami Beach, 1915
    5. Coral Gables, 1925
    6. Hialeah, 1925
    7. Miami Springs, 1926
    8. North Miami Beach, 1926
    9. Opa-Locka, 1926
    10. South Miami, 1926
    11. North Miami, 1927
    12. Golden Beach, 1929
    13. Miami Shores, 1932
    14. Biscanye Park, 1933
    15. Surfside, 1935
    16. El Portal, 1937
    17. Indian Creek Village, 1939
    18. Sweetwater, 1941
    19. North Bay, 1945
    20. Bal Harbour, 1946
    21. Bay Harbour Islands, 1947
    22. Virginia Gardens, 1947
    23. Hialeah Gardens, 1948
    24. Medley, 1949
    25. West Miami, 1949
    26. Islandia, 1960

    That’s 26 incorporations over 64 years.

    27. Key Biscayne, 1991
    28. Aventura, 1995
    29. Pinecrest, 1995
    30. Sunny Isles Beach, 1997
    31. Miami Lakes, 2000
    32. Palmetto Bay, 2002
    33. Miami Gardens, 2003
    34. Doral, 2003
    35. Cutler Bay, 2005

    That’s 9 since 1991 and 6 since 1997. When I wrote that paper there were 5 communities in the incorporation pipeline with a real chance of success (there has since been a moratorium on new incorporations).