Monday March 12, 2007

An update on the Carlos Miller case. The attention seems to be on the charges filed against him, rather then charges against the police. And how’d Homeland Security get involved?!

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  1. Not holding my breath    Mon Mar 12, 07:37 PM #  

    Rather than trickle down from Timoney, this investigation needs to start with Timoney because he is leading the most corrupt police department in the country. The entire police department is infected with thugs with guns and badges.

    Here’s hoping Carlos Miller is able to start an improbable chain of events that will lead to a change of culture within the police department.

  2. Jonathan    Tue Mar 13, 10:19 AM #  

    It’s not going to start with Timoney because Timoney wasn’t involved in the incident with Miller. Nor is it realistic to expect a government institution to change its own culture based on mere accusations from outsiders. There has to be substantial and prolonged political pressure for that to happen, and that requires more public awareness and concern, probably brought about by extended publicity showing a pattern of abuse.

    Based on the info in the 305 article it looks like enough people are interested in Miller’s case so that he has a good chance to be vindicated if his account of events is accurate. And even if he does not prevail it’s possible that the negative publicity generated by this case will lead the police to behave more professionally in the future. So I think there is cause for some optimism. If this event had happened even ten years ago we might not have heard about it and the police might not have faced any consequences for their behavior (if indeed their behavior was unjustified).