Friday March 9, 2007

Manola Blablablanik has her debut sex column in this week’s CityLink. Congrats Manola! (Hopefully they’ll fix the link to her blog at the bottom — who you got working in the control room over there, Dan Sweeney??)

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  1. 'Ista    Fri Mar 9, 12:41 PM #  

    I’m planning to read and experiment. Congratulations!

  2. Manola Blablablanik    Fri Mar 9, 09:58 PM #  

    Thanks, Alesh! You can pick up a copy of the paper in several spots on South Beach. There’s one distribution point I know of for sure — the Starbucks on West and 10th, across from Wild Oats.

    It’s fun to see it in actual print … even though newspapers are dying, eh? ;-)

    The link works for me … it just seems that they forgot to include the dot com inside the tag.

    Dan is the man!!!

  3. Manola Blablablanik    Fri Mar 9, 10:05 PM #  

    Oh by the way, I just mentioned this over at Klotz:

    So, I finally came out of the closet and told my parents about Sex and the Beach. I had to as I wanted to show them the article. Oy vay … it had to happen. But we’re all grown ups, right?

    Luckily, although my father speaks English well, neither of them can really “read” like they do in Spanish.

  4. alesh    Sat Mar 10, 09:41 AM #  

    CL just added a distribution box on across the street from my appt., where previously there was just newtimes and sunpost, so i’ll be reading regularly.

    fwiw, i think these free weekly tabloids justify their physical existence much better then the big dailies.

    Hmm… the link dumps me on a blank page when I click it, though the more perceptive will notice the .com and type it in.

    But you should get them to fix that — for google/technorati purposes and general linkiness, even if it’s too late to help with driving people-traffic to your site this time around.

    PS is this a weekly column?

  5. Manola Blablablanik    Sat Mar 10, 12:10 PM #  

    Oh shit! You’re right … I wasn’t paying attention. The URL was mistyped. I did think it was strange that I hadn’t gotten one visitor from Citylink’s site. I’ll ask Dan to please have their webmaster correct the boo-boo.

    The column is a monthly, for now, which works just fine. My assignments are reporting about “sexy” things, not the traditional navel-gazing sex and relationships type column.