Thursday March 8, 2007

“Instead of having the mayor and commissioners name a [Miami-Dade charter] review team, Ms. Sorenson now wants experts and community organizations to nominate members.” Full steam ahead!

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  1. b.a.c.    Thu Mar 8, 09:33 AM #  

    Isn’t our voter attendance piss poor already? Who the hell is going to wake up early to vote for a review team. Jesus, we all don’t have the luxury of having a commissioners work schedule.

  2. alesh    Thu Mar 8, 10:17 AM #  

    No no the Commission still votes for them, just concerned citizen groups nominate the candidates. No general election involvement.

  3. freememiami    Mon Mar 19, 09:18 PM #  

    Cause Ms. Sorenson knows nothing will come of that and she defers her obligation to fight for the best committee…funny how she likes to help hand-picked committees like the ethics commission when it’s in her favor.

    Full steam ahead! Is a great term, too bad she has NEVER steamed ahead anywhere. More traffic, more taxes, more housing, more problems, never a solution other than lets study it…12 years later, she is still not smart enough to conquer anything she has promised to to.

    Lets focus on the other commissioners and real solutions not “lets all decide”. Take responsibility PLEASE! SHOW LEADERSHIP NOTWISHY WASHYNESS”.