Wednesday February 28, 2007

Jackie Gomez took photos at the International Noise Confrence. Hey, I met Jackie at the Joan LaBarbara concert last night!

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  1. Chad    Thu Mar 1, 10:22 AM #  

    Looks super boring in pictures. Can I say that?

  2. l'elk!    Thu Mar 1, 10:59 AM #  

    i loved the noise confrence. yes, need more pictures to do it justice.

  3. bolditalickid    Thu Mar 1, 12:54 PM #  

    since when is a sexy hipster girl laid out on the floor of Churchills boroooing?

  4. fugs    Fri Mar 2, 12:58 AM #  

    Is that it? 4 pics? Ignore should GET OUT THE WAY and let Miami Nights takeover.