Monday February 26, 2007

“Republican leaders in the new Legislature have enthusiastically exhumed the oft-snuffed plan to throw away $60 million of public funds on a Major League Baseball park in South Florida.” Hiaasen lets us know how he feels about it.

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  1. Jonathan    Tue Feb 27, 07:57 AM #  

    A terrible idea but what else is new.

  2. Victoria    Wed Feb 28, 04:22 AM #  

    Why does EVERYONE need thier OWN stadium. What is SO bad about sharing (ProPlayer/Dolphin Stadium. Maybe I’m just being a chick but (Global Warming Anyone???) Don’t we have more important things to worry about and spend our time (let alone MONEY)? How about better kids school athletics programs so our kids don’t all lose the love for sports all together., I understand Pride and all that but do they really think this is going to help with baseball game attendance?