Monday February 26, 2007

Lincoln Road "Green Market"

"Green" as in "Market"

The Lincoln Road Green Market doesn’t call itself a farmer’s market, and rightly so. A huge majority of the booths sell oft-dubious antiques, chotchkes, clothing, and other junk. The sign weasels right out of this, declaring the market to only be from Meridian to Washington. Whatever.

Pseudo-victorian tea service

Most of this stuff is not my cup of tea (ha!), though there were some cool things scattered around. Not at this booth, but there were some fakes so obvious that I could spot them while skipping by. Watch out (or maybe you don’t care, in which case you shouldn’t be paying the prices these people charge).


Tip: if you can find a nice pair, you might be able to get your optometrist to turn them into regular glasses. She Kills He did that with fantastic success.


Mid-century shoutout.

Foreign mangos

Here we go. The mangoes on the right are from Peru. The mangos on the left are from Haiti. Which is all fine, so long as you don’t kid yourself into thinking you’re at a farmer’s market — with the exception of some citrus and strawberries, nothing here is locally grown, and nothing is sold by a farmer, or anyone working for a farmer. “They’re good mangoes,” the guy told me as he rushed past, and I’m sure they are, but I can get good mangoes at Publix, too.


In addition to a tent selling “Bonsai,” there are orchids, smoothies, and cut flowers to be purchased.

Foreign fruit

Total number of stands selling straight-up fruit: three. And of those only one had any vegetables. And it was all pretty expensive. I’m not sure where the apples above were grown, but the stickers say “Del Monte.” Bummer.

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  1. drexel    Mon Feb 26, 09:05 AM #  

    That banner is atrocious, the typeface, the colors… my head hurts every time I see that one or a similar one on Espanola Way.

  2. dreaming    Mon Feb 26, 10:03 AM #  

    i dont mind the junk for sale, but what i dont understand is why there are no real lowpriced fruit and veg mkts in miami. or are there? i havent found any. publix produce prices are beyond absurd.

  3. Andrés    Mon Feb 26, 10:13 PM #  

    I’ve seen some produce markets at..The Swap Shop. Mostly vendors from the west indies, and real cheap. It is ridic. though, there should be many an farmer’s market all over the place down here. I don’t get it..yet another thing to miss about nyc.

  4. Victoria    Wed Feb 28, 04:27 AM #  

    There’s that flea market off 112 on the way to the airport. SUPPOSSEDLY, that’s a place for low-priced fruit, veggies and other food items but this is just 3rd party information. Let us know if you go!!!

    I see what they were TRYING to so with the sign. They just didn’t quite hit the mark on the execution. A bit of a mess…

  5. alesh    Wed Feb 28, 06:58 AM #  


    I noticed the similarity with the Española Way sign, too, and I finally got around to looking into that. Turns out both markets, plus the ones in Aventura and Normandy are run by the same people: The Market Company. Interesting, and they seem to be locally based. They might be doing a lot of other stuff, too — their website hasn’t been updated since 2004.


    Sounds interesting . . . At first I thought you were talking about the Allapatah area, where there are a bunch of grocery wholesellers, but probably not. Anyone know?

  6. Manola Blablablanik    Wed Feb 28, 10:46 AM #  

    Alesh, is this replacing the “previous” market which was called Farmer’s? Also, there used to be an Antiques Market. Perhaps they are combined now.

    There used to be more fruit and vegetable vendors than just three, as you mention. I haven’t been there in a while. In the past, if you went to the fruit and vegetable stands just before closing, you could haggle for produce and get a steep discount because they were desperate to get rid of their inventory.

    I wrote about The Market Company and talked to them a few months ago. They are locally based (offices on Espanola). They were not very friendly on the phone.

    The Market Company probably negotiates a price with the City of Miami Beach to hold the event and the individual exhibitors then pay the company. Many years ago people could come and sell or perform without a permit but the city put a stop to that. My guess is that it’s just not worth it for food vendors.

    I hope the nut vendors are still there by the Euclid Oval as well as the lemonade booths (they were still there as of last summer).

    Last Saturday I saw two adult musicians accompanying a four-year old playing guitar. He was great, the kid … but it was midnight! It felt like child exploitation with people throwing dollars into the empty guitar case. I have a feeling they did not get a permit to perform.