Wednesday February 21, 2007

Miamians in Beijing

new years celebration

My friends Ross, Silvia, and Saul have just moved to Bejing for “indeterminate amount of time” to live and teach English, and Ross started a blog to document their experiences. The other day he got a phone:

Then you pick your number, which vary tremendously based on what numbers are present. (eg. Fours are very unlucky since the sound for four is the same sound for death, so numbers with many fours are cheapest.) Needless to say, I have several fours in my number. Then you get your sim card and buy a phone, which you must haggle like mad for. The whole process takes several hours.

Oh, and of course they were there for the Chinese new year. Here’s a video of the fireworks. It all looks pretty amazing, and I’m totally jealous. I traveled around China with Ross and other friends a couple of years ago, and Beijing definitely seems a place worth settling down for a while. It’s like five cities in one, and it’s changing so fast right now, with historical hutongs being torn down and glass towers going up.

Actually, the Beijing building boom makes Miami look small-time. We would be driving in a cab for a few minutes, and pass three or four construction areas that each looked like downtown Miami. In fact, China construction is the major reason the price of construction materials has been inflated and we’ve had all these over-budget projects.

But I digress. Ross is in for quite the adventure; drop by and check on him.


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  1. I was there    Thu Feb 22, 06:24 AM #  

    China is an evil empire!

    They have been brutally and systematically destroying Tibet since 1959, while the world stands by and watchs Tibet disappear in slow motion.

    All while we enjoy our Spongebob happymeal toys and other useless crap that is “made in China”

    They are a nation of dog eating monsters!
    They are raping their our environment.

    Remember Tiannamen Square
    Remember Falun Gong

    China out of TIbet!

  2. alesh    Thu Feb 22, 07:25 AM #  

    Um, dog eating monsters?

  3. I was there    Thu Feb 22, 10:41 AM #  

    Yes, dog, snake, frog and rodent eating monsters. But I shall not get carried away discussing the ancient culinary arts of China.

    I’m SCREAMING about the crimes they are committing against humanity, and world culture.

    Once Tibet is cleansed of the Tibetans, Tibet will be nothing more than a pseudo Tibetan Chinese tourist trap, with all of it’s precious resources depleted, wildlife eaten, and the remaining native Tibetans driven to alcoholism and prostitution. It is way worse than I can even describe….

    And yes I am aware that the great USA did very much the same thing to the Native American Indian Nations….by introducing disease, enforcing foreign language and customs and by building reservations. And the USA is now suffering a collective bad karma for these crimes against humanity.

  4. alesh    Thu Feb 22, 11:52 AM #  

    I think a distinction between the people of China and the government of China might be in order here.

    In any case, do you think comments about their culinary practices help your case?

  5. I was there    Thu Feb 22, 01:57 PM #  

    The People of China and the Government are one in the same.

    Much like the innocent Germans who during WWII went along with it’s govenments laws and fell into a trap. Much like the Americans who moved further and further West onto Indian Territory and felt as if they were the rightful owners of US Goverment owned land.

    The Chinese culinary practices are simply laughable.

    I was raised in a Jewish household from a very early age we learned about suffering and Chinese food.

    Free Tibet!
    Eat more Momos! [Fried Tibetan Meat Dumplings]