Friday February 16, 2007


Deerhoof, Saturday!

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  1. Steve    Fri Feb 16, 09:20 AM #  

    Is that photo upside down, or am I drunk this early in the day again?

  2. mkh    Fri Feb 16, 01:00 PM #  

    Steve, I’m shocked to hear you say that! You mean to tell me that there are times you are sober?!

  3. cohen    Fri Feb 16, 01:11 PM #  

    deerhoof and noise con…. great times for Miami

  4. that guy    Fri Feb 16, 02:32 PM #  

    Burt canceled. Got the press release for it.

  5. Lolo    Sat Feb 17, 12:15 AM #  

    Also a party to celebrate the new local business “Sticky Fingers Cupcakes” at Circa28 on Saturday night! No cover and free cupcakes, the people need to know…