Thursday February 15, 2007

Sunset rays
A crazy sunset photo I took Tuesday.



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  1. Jimmy    Thu Feb 15, 11:43 AM #  

    Cool.. Where was this? Looks like somewhere in Broward.

  2. alesh    Thu Feb 15, 12:28 PM #  

    Yep. Deep in Broward, cruising west on Stirling Road.

  3. b.a.c.    Thu Feb 15, 02:48 PM #  

    lol more like crawling west on Stirling

  4. gabe    Thu Feb 15, 03:20 PM #  

    what settings are you using for this pic???

  5. alesh    Thu Feb 15, 03:49 PM #  

    Driving around Broward is a nightmare. It’s not as bad as it looks, the light just turned green when I shot this, but it was pretty much a crawl.

    I crank my exposure down a little. For this photo I used the steering wheel to steady the camera. I also bumped the contrast in photoshop a little.

  6. Jonathan    Fri Feb 16, 07:29 AM #  

    Cool photo.

    It has to be Broward. You never see the Northern Lights in Dade.